MMG Las Bambas Borehole Logging Training in Peru. 

Mount Sopris Instruments geophysicist, Lia Martinez, recently spent  two weeks giving a training on how to use our borehole logging systems for exploration copper mining at the MMG Las Bambas mine outside of Chalhuahuacho, Peru in the Apurimac region. Las Bambas purchased the equipment for a variety of departments including Resource Expansion, Production, Geotech, and Hydrogeology.

MMG Las Bambas is a new Mount Sopris customer.  The parent company, MMG, is a Chinese-owned company based in Australia with offices around the world.  After this preliminary purchase, MMG purchased another set of equipment for use at their Sepon mine site in Laos earlier this year.  This training was arranged for a duration of two weeks because of the wide range of equipment purchased. The geologists on site had no prior experience using geophysical logging equipment, but they were able to learn everything from field well logging to WellCAD [TM] data processing because of Mount Sopris’ efficient training program.

las bambas geophysical logging copper mine

The equipment purchased included

Why two winches?

Las Bambas wants the flexibility to travel with the portable MX winch for geotechnical logging with their acoustic televiewer and the durability of the deeper WFA truck-mounted winch for production and exploration logging. Their wide range of stackable QuickLink (QL) tools allows them to mix-and-match their probe stacks and logging procedures for the best possible efficiency in the field.

las bambas mine drilling borehole explominlas bambas geophysical logging exploration mining

The training was focused around a few main objectives:

  1. Methodology and principles behind each measurement including applications for copper exploration and mine site groundwater.
  2. Field well logging procedures, probe calibration, and LoggerSuite software.
  3. Maintenance and field troubleshooting of all probes, winch, and cablehead.
  4. Advanced WellCAD processing and data interpretation using WellCAD V5.1 software with the Deviation, Image Workspace, and Full Waveform Sonic modules.


The first two days were spent reviewing measurement principles and maintenance of the probes and two winches. This proved to be a very successful process using workbooks and presentations provided to the trainees. The following days were spent field logging at various boreholes. These included boreholes in the exploration area of Chalcobamba and production area of Ferrobamba. The mine site is located at a very high altitude and is dry, but with dangerous thunderstorms every afternoon. While logging, we had to be on the lookout for borehole collapse and listen for alarm sirens to take cover from the storms.

The final week focused on WellCAD log data processing


The trainees learned a wide variety of basic and advanced processing techniques in WellCAD, the industry standard software developed by Mount Sopris’ partner ALT. These included:

  • Designing their own headers for use in the field and creating templates for easy, fast data display.
  • Using cross plot charts to compare data types and applying formulas.
  • Depth shifting, interpolation, filtering, spectral gamma data processing, and re-sampling of data.
  • Acoustic image log processing and structural interpretation in the ISI Workspace to form stereonet plots and tadpole diagrams.
  • Sonic log processing and interpretation using the Full Waveform Sonic Module for rock properties and P and S wave velocities.
  • Lithology and stratigraphy logs based on core analysis and geophysical log data using local geology and patterns in the dictionaries.

las bambas recoto relleno copper loggingmount sopris logging las bambas

Overall, the training was a huge success. A total of 8 trainees from various departments passed all levels of the course. With this new experience, MMG Las Bambas will be able to expand their knowledge of their current copper deposits and develop logging processes to ensure the long life of this mine.

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