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Borehole Logging Equipment

Mount Sopris Instruments manufactures, distributes, and rents geophysical equipment and software for subsurface investigations. Our products include borehole logging equipment for groundwater, mining, research, geotechnical, and other applications. We offer a range of stackable wireline probes, versatile data loggers, rugged logging winches, and WellCAD – the industry standard in log presentation software.

New 2500 Meter Winch!

The Intelligent Winch Assembly (IWA) is smarter, stronger, and more user-friendly. With a powerful 6 HP servo motor and a 2,500 meter (8,200-feet) wireline capacity, this winch was designed to deliver more. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen user interface, all settings and system diagnostics are easily monitored and controlled – giving the operator better visibility, precise control, and greater safety. Click here for more information.


Customer Focused

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For over 60 years, Mount Sopris has delivered innovative solutions to drillers, miners, engineers and researchers in over 120 countries. With an extensive product range and industry-leading customer support, Mount Sopris is dedicated to the success of its customers. Contact us today to learn how our geophysical well logging instrumentation, software and services can improve your productivity and data integrity.

Latest News & Notes

Ouro Preto Brazil Simexmin Mining Exploration 2018 Meet us in beautiful Brazil for Simexmin Mining Exploration 2018! - Don't miss meeting Mount Sopris with Brazilian Representatives Holtzapple Consultoria at the Simexmin Mining Exploration Conference next week in Ouro Preto, Brazil. The show will run from May 20th to 23th and there will be WellCAD trainings on May 20th and 24th. Come see Mount Sopris in Booth #1.
NMR Polarization and Dephasing NMR Tools Workshop and Webinar at 12 PM, April 10, 2018 - NMR Tools Workshop and Webinar at 12 PM, April 10, 2018. Being held at Leonard Rice Engineers, 1221 Auroria Parkway, Denver, CO 80204
Logistics Geophysical Equipment shipping Work Opportunity! Logistics Coordinator Needed - Have you always wanted to work in International Logistics, but without the Corporate structure? We are looking for Logistics Coordinator who will work in our shipping department processing the shipping and receipt of goods. This person will be responsible for making sure orders are packaged correctly, documentation is created accurately, ensuring stock and other materials are being moved through the facility efficiently and safely.
Casing Inspection software showing inside pipe WellCAD goes cased hole with its new casing integrity module - With the latest WellCAD 5.2 version developed by Advanced Logic Technology users can get access to the Casing Integrity add-on module allowing access to a collection of processing tools and a workspace designed for Multi-Finger-Caliper and Ultrasonic Acoustic Televiewer data.

Value-Added Support Services

Mount Sopris offers value-added support services to provide customers with the best ownership experience. These services include upfitting logging vehicles, same-day shipping on most parts and accessories via the online store, and expedited repair services. To ensure customers get optimal results with their equipment, Mount Sopris’ staff of geoscientists, engineers, and local sales representatives are available to provide expert support and onsite training.

Solutions for Every Application

With the best selection of equipment in the industry, Mount Sopris offers the right solution for customers in a variety of fields. Please see the Applications pages for specific solutions in each of these disciplines.

Groundwater drillers characterize aquifers, verify well construction, avoid environmental concerns, maintain water quality, and comply with regulations.

Mining companies save money, eliminate down time, improve safety, and optimize their mine sites.

Environmental organizations use borehole geophysics for subsurface monitoring, remediation, and meeting compliace requirements.

Geotechnical organizations fulfill project specifications related to near surface structural integrity, compliance planning, and liability issues.

Research organizations utilize our equipment to measure and describe various rock and fluid properties to advance scientific knowledge or resolve complex multidisciplinary issues.

Energy companies use WellCAD to characterize reservoirs and optimize production for improved efficiencies.

About Mount Sopris

Mount Sopris Instrument Company was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1951 at a time when locating uranium for weapon and reactor use was of national interest. The company’s first product was a portable scintillation counter. Read More…