Borehole Logging Geospec Drilling


Mount Sopris geologist Taylor Weber and intern Hannah Peterson gave a training in Lodgepole, Nebraska last month in contribution to a groundwater studies project.


Working with Geospec Drilling, a leading provider of water investigations in Nebraska, a variety of logs were collected in order to characterize the physical properties of the well and its surrounding hydrogeologic activity.


Borehole Logging Nebraska

A fluid temperature and conductivity tool was run first to take measurements when the water column was not yet disturbed and it could record ambient conditions. The caliper tool was run following this to note any deficiencies in the borehole before running the spinner flowmeter under ambient and pumping conditions.

Bob Crowder, an independent geophysical consultant, processed the data in WellCAD as it was collected. The objective was to identify which zones were producing water, and determine if the Nebraskan well had been properly installed and developed. A borehole fluid sampler was deployed to take samples at each depth. Samples were then sent to a lab to be analyzed for contaminants (arsenic).

Borehole Logging Fluid Sampler


Overall, the day was a success and we are looking forward to seeing the results of this project and how it will benefit the local communities in Nebraska. 

At Mount Sopris, we believe that proper training and an understanding of the measurements is key to successful surveying. We offer equipment operation and data processing training both onsite and here at our office in Denver, Colorado. Please Contact Us if you have inquiries about training and how we can better serve you as a customer.

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