Casing Integrity Corrosion Acoustic Televiewer_2000

Casing Integrity- Corrosion shown by Acoustic Televiewer

The QL43-ABI Acoustic Borehole Imager has the same technology as the QL40-ABI-2G providing fantastic acoustic images of the borehole wall. The greatest advantage of the QL43-ABI is that it has much higher temperature and pressure ratings than the standard QL40 version, as well as it’s high resolution Casing Integrity measurements. This newer model ABI can withstand pressure of up to 700 bar (10160 PSI) and temperatures of up to 125°C (257°F) in open hole. These new higher ratings are combined with the fact that it is only 43 mm in diameter, specifically designed for slim borehole logging.

QL43-Acoustic Televiewer Probe Image

QL43 Acoustic Televiewer Probe

This version of the ATV (acoustic televiewer) has a slightly different design than its 40 mm counterpart. The acoustic head is changeable depending on the application. The most widely used head will be the OHCO-L head. This head can be used for open hole and cased hole applications. Open hole includes borehole diameters up to 53 cm (21 inch) boreholes for effective scanning. For cased hole corrosion measurements, the acoustic tool head works best for borehole diameters of 14 to 38 cm (5.5 to 15 in.) and casing thickness of 5 mm or more.

For casing diameters smaller than 14 cm (5.5 in.), the CO-S  head would be needed. This can measure casing sizes of 7.6 to 15 cm (3 to 5.5 in.) and measure casing thickness down to 3 mm. There is also a dedicated head CO-XXS for the very slim 7.3 cm (2.875 in.) tubing down to 3 mm casing thickness.

Field Exchangeable Acoustic Head ATV Casing Inspection and CBL

Field Exchangeable Acoustic Head ATV Casing Inspection and CBL


The other two ABI-43 heads currently being tested are for cement evaluation

These prototype heads are being field tested in conjunction with Read Cased Hole based in the UK. These heads are known as the CE-L for casing diameters from 14 to 38 cm (5.5 to 15 in.) and the CE-S for casing diameters from 7.3 to 14 cm (2.875 to 5.5 in.). For more information on this application, please contact Mount Sopris or ALT.

Open Hole ATV Borehole Logging applications include:

  • Oriented caliper and structural information
  • Stress field analysis
  • Fracture detection
  • Breakout analysis
  • Lithology and mineralogy characterization
  • Rock strength for open hole

Cased hole ATV Borehole Logging applications include:

  • Casing thickness and corrosion calculations
  • Casing Inspection
  • Scale detection
  • Casing defects
  • Casing deformation
  • Metal loss indications

Contact Mount Sopris or ALT today or visit the QL43-ABI product page for more information or a quotation. This tool is also available for Rental through ALT. To learn more about ATV televiewer well logging in general, please visit our Televiewer page.

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