Casing Inspection Acoustic Ultrasonic televiewer


The QL43 ABI is the latest generation of acoustic televiewer. Based on more than 10 years of experience and market leadership with BHTV technology, the new system consists of a completely redesigned acoustic head and new electronics in order to meet oil industry standards in terms of temperature and pressure ratings. The electronic architecture uses a 14 Bit A/D converter directly coupled to a superfast 333 Mops digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP performs complex data processing operations in real time on each individual ultrasonic wave train. This allows a wider dynamic range of signal detection and easy field operation in a wide variety of logging applications.

The QL43-ABI tool is stackable within the Quick Link (QL) 43 mm product line or it can be run as a standalone tool.



Open Hole

  • High resolution and oriented caliper and structural information
  • Borehole deformation (stress field analysis)
  • Fracture detection and evaluation
  • Breakout analysis
  • Lithology and mineralogy characterization (e.g. detection of thin beds, determination of bedding dip, etc.)
  • Rock strength

Cased Hole- Casing Inspection

  • Inside & outside diameter
  • Casing thickness & corrosion rate
  • Scale & hole detection
  • Casing defects
  • Casing wear & deformation
  • Metal loss indicators

Cased Hole- Cement Evaluation (in progress)

  • Cement location
  • Cement channeling

Operating Conditions

Cable type: Mono, Coaxial, 4 or 7 conductor
Digital data transmission: Up to 500 Kbits per second depending on wireline
Compatibility: Scout / Opal (ALTIogger / Bbox)
Telemetry: Variable baudrate telemetry according to cable length/type & surface system
Logging Speed: Variable function of resolution, wireline and surface system
Borehole Fluid: Water, water based mud, brine, oil (oil based mud not applicable)

[X] Required
[_] Not Necessary

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic or manual adaptation to variable borehole conditions.
  • Automatic optimization of the measurement window under all borehole conditions.
  • Improved dynamic range of signal detection.
  • Very high travel time resolution.
  • The implementation of different operating modes. For example, when run inside casing, the tool can record both the echo of the casing and that of the borehole wall. With multi‐echoes processing, application of the tool may be extended to casing thickness and corrosion evaluation. Tool upgrades and the implementation of customized operating modes can be done by simply downloading new firmware to the tool from the surface computer.
  • Higher logging speed when used in conjunction with the QL43-DDS (Downhole Data Storage)

Casing Integrity Module

Measurement Principle

Acoustic borehole scanner tools generate an image of the borehole wall by transmitting ultrasound pulses from a fixed transducer with rotating mirror and recording the amplitude ‐ travel time of the signals reflected at the interface between borehole fluid and the formation (borehole wall). Compared to the FAC40 which measures a single echo (one amplitude and one travel time), the QL43 ABI has multi‐echo capability. This is achieved by digitally recording the reflected acoustic wave train. Real time analysis of the acoustic data is made by the Digital Signal Processor. Sophisticated algorithms allow the system to detect the reflection from the acoustic window and to separate and classify all subsequent echoes.

Specifications – Metric/English

Specification Metric Imperial
Diameter 43 mm 1.6875 in.
Length 1.77 m 70 in.
Weight 10 kg 22 lbs.
Max. Temp. 125ºC 257ºF
Max. Pressure 700 bar 10160 psi

Acoustic Sensor: Fixed transducer, rotating focusing mirror
Focusing: Collimated acoustic beam
Frequency: 1.2 MHz
Focusing / Measurement Range: Focus: 8.5 in. / Meas. range: 6 in. – 20 in.
Focus: 4.5 in. / Meas. range: 2.5 in. – 6 in.
Acoustic beam width: 3 mm
Rotation speed: Up to 20 revolutions per second ‐ automatic
Azimuthal resolution: 72, 144, 288 operator defined
Caliper Resolution: 0.08 mm / .003 in.

Orientation Sensor: APS 544, 3-Axis magnetometer and accelerometer (125 degC)
3-Axis accelerometer (170 degC)
Inclination accuracy: 0.5 degree
Azimuth accuracy: 1.2 degree

QL Stack Possibilities

  • QL43-ABI + QL43-GR (Gamma): Standard Open Hole Toolset
  • QL43-ABI + QL43-GR-CCL (Gamma- Casing Collar Locator): Classic Casing Inspection Toolset
  • QL43-ABI + QL43-DDS (Downhole Data Storage): Cement Evaluation Toolset (in development- Contact Us for more information)

WellCAD Casing Integrity Module

WellCAD® Software is an advanced log processing and visualization software recommended for use with all Mount Sopris and ALT logging probes. The WellCAD Casing Integrity Module, used in conjunction with the QL43-ABI in Cased Holes provides:

    • 2D cross section, vertical profile, and 3D virtual well displays dynamically linked to source data.
    • Workflows to convert travel times into radius, diameter and thickness, estimation of fluid velocities.
    • Automatic pipe joint detection and interactive joints.
    • Determination of up to 35 statistical parameters derived per pipe section or at each depth.
    • Custom pipe grading classification.
    • Driller’s and detected joint based well sketch displays.

To purchase, please refer to the WellCAD Casing Integrity Module on our Online Store. You can also receive a demonstration version of the license by Contacting Us.

WellCAD Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace

WellCAD® Software is an advanced log processing and visualization software recommended for use with all Mount Sopris logging probes. The WellCAD Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace, used in conjunction with the QL43-ABI in Open Holes provides:

  • Fully interactive structure interpretation: Acoustic caliper, Structure logs, Polar, and Rose diagrams
  • Processing techniques: Trace interpolation, despiking filters, normalization, recentralize image, etc.
  • 3D Log Visualization for virtual cores, breakouts, and well deformation.

For more information, please refer to the WellCAD Image & Structure Interpretation Workspace news post.


QL43-ABI Data Sheet
Casing Integrity Workspace
Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace 
Please Contact Us for the User Guide

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