Mount Sopris Instruments geologist, Taylor Weber recently spent several days in the Dominican Republic providing well logging training.  The training was held on the Pueblo Viejo mine site, approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Santo Domingo.  This site is operated by Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation (PVDC) – a joint venture between Barrick (60%) and Goldcorp (40%), and is one of the largest gold assets in the world.

PVDC has a Mount Sopris borehole logging system with both an Optical Televiewer (OBI-2G) and an Acoustic Televiewer (ABI-2G) .  The televiewers are used to provide valuable digital borehole images including structural information, lithology, fracture detection, and bedding detection and orientation.

The first day of training was focused on the operation and maintenance of the logging equipment:

  • Tool specifications and measurement principles
  • Configuration of televiewer parameters in the field
    • Behind PVC, Casing Thickness, and Open Hole
  • Operation of equipment
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting

The second day of training was spent collecting additional data and processing image data in WellCAD. This training included:

  • Basic WellCAD – Importing, formatting, and header design
  • Advanced Image Processing – ISI Workspace, image pre-processing, deviation plots, and structure picking
  • Core photo importing and exporting of structural data

Overall, the training was a great success and Pueblo Viejo was very happy with the results. This training follows up from an introductory training completed at Pueblo Viejo two years ago by MSI geologist Jim LoCoco.

For more information on field and WellCAD training, both at the Mount Sopris facility in Denver, Colorado and on-site anywhere around the world, please contact

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