CoreCAD Core Analysis with Navigation Bar

CoreCAD Core Analysis with Navigation Bar

What’s new in WellCAD 5.2 and 5.3?

With the release of WellCAD 5.4 right around the corner, let’s look back at the features and improvements from previous versions. In WellCAD 5.2 and WellCAD 5.3, ALT introduced several new modules, improved the Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace and CoreCAD functionality, and added numerous enhancements to the basic WellCAD module.

New Modules

  • NMR processing module now provides a dedicated workspace to examine T2 data in detail and adjust cutoff times that update the fluid volumes and permeability calculations in real time, regardless of tool manufacturer.
  • NMR SA tool post processing module is an upgrade to the NMR module. It supports post-processing of raw data from the Qteq BMR sonde.

  • Casing integrity module provides the user with a workspace to process multi-finger calipers and ultrasonic televiewers. The workspace displays a 2D cross section, vertical profile, and 3D virtual well that are all dynamically linked to editable source data. Individual sensor data points can be corrected through a variety of methods, and new workflows convert travel times into radius, measure diameter and thickness, and even estimate fluid velocities within a wellbore. With this module, joint detection and analysis is even easier with automatic joint detection, interactive joint editing, graphical data presentation, and joint analysis table tools.

CoreCAD Workspace – Casing Integrity Software Showing Multifinger Caliper

ISI Workspace and CoreCAD Additions

In the ISI workspace, it is now possible to classify different minerals or rock types based on their color in RGB logs. This algorithm can be applied to optical televiewer images, core scans, or core photographs.

Color Classification for Lithologies

Color Classification for Lithologies

The revised core description workspace within CoreCAD allows the generation of visually attractive core descriptions and the acquisition of detailed digital data valuable for petrophysical analysis and reservoir modeling. The new GUI makes it simple to switch between core runs and data columns plus the added benefit of full integration with other WellCAD functionalities. Not only is it easy to import and add additional data from other logs, but the comprehensive data export options make switches between WellCAD and other software packages simple.

Core image cropper tool allows the user to extract images from core boxes or slabbed core photographs and interactively label and calibrate boxes in order to easily register depths. Cores can then be combined into one continuous image and imported into WellCAD documents or exported as a standard graphic file format.

Core Image Cropper

Core Image Cropper

WellCAD Basic Updates

WellCAD 5.2

  • Engineering log enhancements make it easier to create a well sketch through drag-and-drop interaction using the new engineering bar.
  • Unit converter now comes with a library of 200+ conversions organized in over 20 categories.
  • Automated depth matcher finds and places the depth shifting anchor points based on a cross-correlation algorithm between a reference log and the logs to be shifted.
  • Log summary bar provides more options and algorithms for log analysis.
  • Classifier colors can be applied based on grain size, sorting, porosity, etc.
  • New tadpole styles provide more flexibility to categorize and represent geologic structure picks.
  • Improved 3-component RGB display.
  • Composite document combines multiple WellCAD documents and headers into a single plot.
  • Native WellCAD PDF export option.
  • New page set up options allow the user to plot a fixed paper size or add a footer on each page.
  • Auto recovery will save your borehole document at a customizable frequency.
Flowmeter Data Processing

Flowmeter Data Processing

WellCAD 5.3

  • A collection of groundwater processes was added to the common processes menu, and includes salinity, shale volume, and permeability estimations plus many more.
  • Flowmeter Workspace allows the user to interactively pick no flow zones and determine the contribution of flow zones.
  • Users can apply log templates to individual logs or create their own from existing log layouts.
  • LAS 3.0 files can be imported and exported.
  • Tabular editor now includes row numbers, new display styles, value highlighting, and precision settings plus a Find & Replace option.
  • Log Summary Bar provides the option to display valuable statistical information and the ability to both export and print.
Log Templates Application

Log Templates Application

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