Mount Sopris is excited to now offer a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance probe for rental. This tool is a modified version of a tool typically used for deeper oil and gas logging.

The Mount Sopris NMR tool measures total porosity independent of lithology and can calculate continuous permeability and grain size distribution.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Borehole Logging

With its 60 mm body and innovative technology, the NMR tool provides accurate subsurface measurements for a variety of slim borehole logging applications such as:

  • Moisture content, specific yield and dry weight density in iron ore deposits
  • Developing dewatering strategies for mining application
  • Mapping aquifer hydrogeology for groundwater management
  • Mapping brine hydrogeology for brine mining operations
  • Mapping coal seam gas content and permeability for coal mining operations


Borehole Magnetic Resonance NMR for iron mining

The Mount Sopris NMR tool delivers high quality data for a wide range of geophysical parameters related to pore characterization.

The tool is simple to use and requires minimal equipment and personnel, giving it the best value on the market.


Some of its advanced features include:

  • Advanced NMR pulse sequences and signal processing techniques enable geophysical parameters to be determined with a high degree of precision and accuracy
  • The MSI QL advanced wireline telemetry and powerful OPAL and WellCAD analysis software generates a detailed real-time continuous log
  • Large depth of investigation due to impressive signal-to-noise (SNR) characteristics.


A team of Mount Sopris geologists and engineers received training on this tool this week from Representatives at NMRSA. We want to ensure that our employees are able to provide the best support for our products and be able to resolve any issue that may arise when operating this tool in the field.

Field Logging NMR probe Ralston reservoir

For more information on the measurement, please refer to the July issue of the Wireline Workshop. There will be more information on NMR featured in the September issue as well. Additional product information can be found on the NMR product page.

For questions on how this tool may benefit you in your logging application and for rental inquiries, please email or call +(1) 303.279.3211 x 110.

We are excited to now offer this product due to high demand from our customers. Mount Sopris is committed to providing the latest and most efficient tools and equipment in order to better provide you with a solution for your logging application. As always, don’t hesitate to Contact Us with other suggestions for new products!

Hydrogeology NMR
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