IWA intelligent winch 2500 meters on trailer with operator

Mount Sopris Instruments is pleased to announce the release of an innovative new 2500-meter (8200-feet) logging winch – the Intelligent Winch Assembly or IWA

Not only does the IWA increase the range of our best-in-class winches, but it also sets new standards for ease of use, safety, power, compactness, and durability.

Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, all winch settings and system diagnostics are shown and controlled through the weatherproof  membrane touchscreen.  The interface user-friendly, and the digital control and programming of the IWA provides the operator with better control and unique safety features, including the following settings:

  • Maximum speed control of the winchIWA winch touch-screen display
  • Wireline acceleration safeguard
  • Depth alarms and automatic winch braking
  • Adjustable tension shut-off limits
  • Level-wind calibration
  • System diagnostics
  • PC interface to permit remote support and control


On top of its intelligence, the IWA is also brawny. This winch has a 6 HP servo motor that can operate at speeds over 55 meters/minute (180 feet/min) and lift the heaviest tool stack with ease. Being the strongest winch in its class doesn’t mean the IWA is bulky and cumbersome. The IWA has a very small footprint. The completely redesigned level-wind assembly keeps the winch footprint at just 1.1 x 0.9 x 0.8 meters (45 x 37 x 32 inches), only slightly larger than our 2 HP WFA winch.

IWA intelligent winch 2500 meters

Like all Mount Sopris products, the IWA winch is designed to provide worry-free performance in the most extreme borehole environments.  The motor, gearboxes, and bearings are sealed for life.  To prevent corrosion, the aluminum is hard anodized and the steel is either stainless and galvanized. The level-wind screw shaft is protected from dust and debris with bellows. With minimal maintenance requirements, this winch is built to handle the harshest logging conditions and stand the test of time.

Without a doubt, borehole logging applications are trending deeper. The IWA winch is designed to meet this need, while also setting new standards for ease of use, safety, power, compactness, and durability. For more information on the Intelligent winch, please Click Here or Contact Us!

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