Edwards Aquifer Authority Logging Groundwater Training

EAA stackable logging with groundwater tool, combination gamma with casing collar locator, electrical resistivity, and fluid conductivity and temperature.

Edwards Aquifer Authority Groundwater Logging Training in Texas.

Mount Sopris Instruments geologists, Jim LoCoco and Lia Martinez, recently spent a week giving a training on how to use our borehole logging systems for groundwater localization and qualification at the Edwards Aquifer Authority in San Antonio, Texas.

The Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) is a regional water management agency that regulates the use of the aquifer through integrity, transparency, and respect for the resource and the people that use it. The EAA Act (Act) was adopted by the Texas Legislature in 1993 in response to the legal threat of federal takeover of the aquifer under the Endangered Species Act. The Act created the EAA as a political subdivision of the state to preserve and protect the Edwards Aquifer. By mandating a capped permitting system that limits withdrawals from the aquifer, the Act was intended to preserve the resource while also protecting threatened and endangered species in the aquifer-fed Comal and San Marcos springs to the extent required by federal law.  

Teams of geologists, hydro-geologists, environmental scientists, environmental technicians, educators, and administrative staff collaborate daily to manage, enhance, and protect the Edwards Aquifer for the approximately 2 million South Texans who rely on the aquifer as their primary source of water.

– From the EAA website, http://www.edwardsaquifer.org/about/eaa

Edwards Aquifer Authority logo

The EAA had made purchases from another international well logging equipment manufacturer in the preceding years. But they had complaints about the lack of technical support available domestically.  So after meeting with Jim LoCoco in Texas and discussing their goals for a new, fully outfitted logging vehicle, they decided to change make the change to work with Mount Sopris Instruments.

Mount Sopris was able to adapt almost all of their third party tools to work with our Matrix data logger and WNA winch. This included a Heat Pulse Flowmeter, A combination Gamma and Elog probe, a Gamma-CCL tool, and an EM Induction Conductivity probe.

Luckily, a couple other long time Mount Sopris customers were also able to attend the training. This included trainees from the Blanco Pedernales Groundwater Conservation District, GeoCam Inc., and Rusk County Groundwater Conservation District


Edwards Aquifer Authority Logging Groundwater Trucks

Edwards Aquifer Authority well logging groundwater trucks near San Antonio

The equipment purchased by the Edwards Aquifer Authority included

Why stackable QuickLink probes in place of combination probes?

The Edwards Aquifer Authority wants the flexibility to mix and match their logging tool stacks to best optimize their time required for logging and the variety of well-site applications their required to log.  Their wide range of stackable QuickLink (QL) tools allows them to customize their probe stacks and logging procedures for the best possible efficiency in the field.


Edwards Aquifer Authority Logging Groundwater Truck

EAA Custom wireline logging vehicle fabricated by Mount Sopris Instruments.

Rusk County Texas Logging Groundwater Truck

Rusk County Texas wireline logging groundwater truck with solar panels

The training was focused around a few main objectives:

  1. Methodology and principles behind each measurement including applications for open and cased groundwater wells.
  2. Field well logging procedures, probe calibration, and LoggerSuite software.
  3. Maintenance and field troubleshooting of all probes, winch, and cablehead.
  4. Laval Underground downhole camera logging and video recording.
  5. Advanced WellCAD processing and data interpretation using WellCAD V5.1 software.

The first half day was spent reviewing measurement principles and maintenance of the probes, camera, and winch. The following day was spent field logging at various boreholes in the San Antonio area. Many of these boreholes included karstic layers with large voids. These were readily apparent with the video camera.

Edwards Aquifer Authority Logging Groundwater Caliper

Edwards Aquifer staff, Jim LoCoco, Blanco Pedenales Groundwater District, and Rusk Country Groundwater all help ready the Caliper for logging.

Caliper Borehole Logging Training Made in USA

Mount Sopris Instruments Made in the USA 3-Arm Caliper geophysical tool

The final two days focused on WellCAD log data processing

The trainees learned a wide variety of basic and advanced processing techniques in WellCAD, the industry standard software developed by Mount Sopris’ partner ALT. These included:

  • Designing their own headers for use in the field and creating templates for easy, fast data display.
  • Using cross plot charts to compare data types and applying formulas.
  • Depth shifting, interpolation, filtering, and re-sampling of data.
  • Lithology and stratigraphy logs based on EAA standard dictionaries and geophysical log data.


Lia Martinez Edwards Aquifer Authority Logging Groundwater Training

Lia Martinez during final testing of the third party tools on Mount Sopris data logger

Overall, the training was a huge success. The EAA was very satisfied with their purchase. Trainees from various groundwater districts came together and took part in this training. With their new logging vehicle, updated equipment, and recent training, the Edwards Aquifer Authority, Blanco Pedernales Groundwater District, and Rusk Country Groundwater District will be able to expand their knowledge of the groundwater resources they manage and develop logging processes to ensure the long life and preservation of these aquifers.

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