Sydney Australia borehole logging course

Visit the world’s leading borehole geophysical solutions row of exhibitors at Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC) February 18 -21, 2018 at the Sydney ICC


This is one of Asia Pacific’s premier integrated convention and entertainment venues at Darling Harbor.  Mount Sopris, ALT and Australian Rep Geosensor Wireline will all be lined-up side-by-side-by-side in the exhibition hall to help you learn more about new products serving the Australian market and the world. Our other long-time representative, Alpha Geoscience will also be exhibiting.


The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Ltd, the Australian Institute of Geoscientists Ltd, and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Ltd, have again joined to run the pre-eminent geoscience conference held in Australia. The AEGC (formerly known as the ASEG) is held every eighteen months on a cycle around Australian capital cities to ensure the region’s geoscientists have the opportunity to obtain the very best value technical updates that are able to be provided. The conference program is full of geophysical applications in mining and petroleum:

Geosensor Wireline Logging Australia

Learn more about the latest neutron tool innovation that does not require a radioactive source to obtain real-time porosity data, and the new QL40-SIP (Spectral Induced Polarization) tool that sweeps formations adjacent to the borehole wall with over 50 complex resistivity frequencies to yield lithological and physical properties of earth media, including permeability/hydraulic conductivity, effective porosity, grain/pore size & distribution, and surface area.  Data comparing SIP with other IP and resistivity tools will be available.


Find out about the IWAIntelligent Winch Assembly which is spooled with 2500 meters standard 4-conductor geophysical wireline.  This high capacity relatively small footprint, winch has boasts a 6 HP equivalent servo-controlled winch. It’s Aussie-tough for your most difficult logging sites.

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At only 19mm in diameter, the new 19GR Nano Gamma tool fits inside Geo push tubes for soil horizon profiling and the high-output scintillation crystal yields excellent lithological information.  In fact, a new family of 19mm tools are emerging from Mount Sopris, including the new 19Video that connects to the same mini-winch as the 19GR Nano Gamma and produces excellent HDMI-type images of the borehole wall.

This conference is going to be big and we are excited to see you at the AEGC!



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