Daejeon Korea IAH 2018
We are pleased to announce that Mount Sopris geologist Jim LoCoco will be attending the 45th IAH Congress for the International Association of Hydrogeologistswith our Korean representatives C&H Incorporated from Sept 9-14, 2018 in Daejeon, South Korea. Jim will be at the C&H Incorporated booth all week meeting with many of our current customers in Korea who work in Groundwater and Geotechnical applications. We will have an OPTV Optical televiewer and WellCAD ISI Workspace on display and ready for demonstrations. Stop by this week to speak with Jim about many of our new products!
International Association Hydrogeologists 2018 Seoul Korea
The Korean National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-KNC) looks forward to welcoming you at the 45th IAH Annual Congress in Daejeon, Korea, September 9th to 14th 2018. Nine technical sessions will provide a forum for original research related to the theme of the congress: “Groundwater and Life: Science and Technology into Action”. Water is not only a valuable natural resource, but essential for life and the occupation of planet Earth. Yet, water resources in many countries are deteriorating. Surface waters are increasingly polluted due to population increases, improper disposal of sewage, agricultural activities, industrial development, and the threats related to climate change. As a consequence, groundwater has been called upon to become the resilient and reliable water supply for the future. But problems of overutilization and pollution are affecting some of the world’s largest aquifers in China, United States, India, and other countries. Now, more than ever before, the international groundwater community of hydrogeologists is being called upon to tackle problems of unprecedented complexity and severity. Fortunately, knowledge is growing along with new technologies capable of addressing these challenges. Daejeon is a fitting location for the congress. Home to more than two dozen research institutes, it is a major international hub in Eastern Asia for scientific research, innovation, and technology. Daejeon is truly a special place where Korea’s globally recognized research and development activities are moving science and technology into action. Organizing Committee for IAH 2018
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