Petrophysical Software

petrophysical software


Petrophysical software has become indispensable to geoscientists as they analyze reservoir data and make economic decisions regarding development and production. WellCAD™ log acquisition and processing software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to analyze and display petrophysical data.

WellCAD features the most intuitive and comprehensive user interface in the industry, with excellent display, editing and analysis capabilities at a price substantially less than comparable petrophysical software.

Some of the most notable modules within WellCAD for petrophysical analysis include:

CoreCAD™ – Interactive digital core description workspace.

Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) – Powerful image processing and interpretation workspace that includes tools such as: Assisted structure picking, structure classification, borehole correction, and a variety of data visualization options.

Casing Integrity – Combines processing algorithms dedicated to cased hole data processing and a workspace to analyze pipe sections with comprehensive data visualization tools.

For more information on how WellCAD can save you time and money in quantifying the petrophysical parameters of a reservoir, please go to the main WellCAD page or download the Complete WellCAD Brochure.

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