Core Logging Software

core logging softwareDeveloped by and for geologists, CoreCAD™ core logging software improves productivity by allowing direct input of core descriptions into a digital interface. The software offers a dedicated workspace with zoom & snap options, workflow templates, and fast data entry tools.

CoreCAD is an interactive digital core description add-on module for WellCAD, the industry-leading log acquisition and processing software package.

CoreCAD features customizable workflow schemes and layout templates to handle clastic, carbonate and outcrop descriptions. As soon as data is inserted into the CoreCAD workspace, the underlying WellCAD composite log chart and its final layout is updated real-time.

Key Benefits of CoreCAD Core Logging Software:

  • Allows easy and efficient digital and graphical description of cores.
  • All parameters described graphically are stored as digital data – ready to export.
  • Multiple depth system management.
  • Import core photographs and hand-drafted core descriptions. Digitize the data or integrate them into composite log charts.
  • Fully customizable system for easy and quick creation of all core description data types from biostratigraphy to diagenetic minerals and depositional sub-environment.

For more information, go to the WellCAD page or download the Complete WellCAD Brochure Here.

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