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core logging software

CoreCAD Core Description Workspace

Developed by and for geologists, CoreCAD™ core logging software improves productivity by allowing direct input of core descriptions into a digital interface. The software offers a dedicated workspace with zoom & snap options, workflow templates, and fast data entry tools.


CoreCAD is an interactive digital core description add-on module for WellCAD, the industry-leading borehole log acquisition and processing software package.

CoreCAD Workspace with Acquisiton view and other windows

CoreCAD Workspace with Navigation bar (left), Data Acquisition view (center) and Log Edition bar (right); simultaneous creation of visually attractive graphical report (far right)

CoreCAD features customizable workflow schemes and layout templates to handle clastic, carbonate and outcrop descriptions. As soon as data is inserted into the CoreCAD workspace, the underlying WellCAD composite log chart and its final layout are updated real-time.

CoreCAD Digital Core Description comes with a new innovative workspace allowing for the generation of visually attractive core descriptions (with the look of hand-drawn core sheets) and the acquisition of detailed digital data valuable for petrophysical analysis and reservoir modeling. This software provides an intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) to navigate between core runs and data columns, acquire data by free-hand drawing or interval based data capture and offers the unrivalled flexibility to import, add, and export additional data. Being fully integrated into the WellCAD platform, the user has access to all functionalities like Core Image Cropper, Cross Plotting, Color Classification and many more analysis features.


What does CoreCAD Software Include?

CoreCAD Interactive Fast Core Description on Tablet2

  • Innovative and intuitive workspace for core, outcrop and sample logging
  • Graphical logging and simultaneous data digitization
  • Detailed digital core data is available in each individual data column
  • Visually attractive graphical reports.
  • Flexible in layout, data organization and logging preference (e.g. free hand or interval based)
  • Easy import of additional data columns or generation from Log Templates
  • Support of multiple depth reference systems (MD, Core Depth, TVD, …)
  • Full integration in WellCAD allowing seamless combination with wireline, image and laboratory data
  • Generation of PDF and standard graphical file formats
  • Comprehensive data export options for integration of the data into other software
Fast Easy Core Logging Column by Column

Log column-by-column or drag a reference interval, enter the desired data or paste for example an entire sedimentary facies, Visually attractive, easy to log, readily available digital data

Original optical core photo (left), classified image (middle) and resulting percentages for sand and shale (right).

Key Benefits of CoreCAD 

  • Allows easy and efficient digital and graphical description of cores.
  • All parameters described graphically are stored as digital data – ready to export.
  • Multiple depth system management.
  • Import core photographs and hand-drafted core descriptions. Digitize the data or integrate them into composite log charts.
  • Fully customizable system for easy and quick creation of all core description data types from biostratigraphy to diagenetic minerals and depositional sub-environment.

Color Classification

The Color Classification process within the CoreCAD module allows users to classify different minerals or rock types based on their color in RGB core or logs. The process generates a color coded RGB log and an analysis
log with the volume fractions of each class. The incorporation of core images like CT Scans and core photos into the interpretation workflow has seen an increased interest. The Color Classification algorithm can be applied
to core scans, core photographs, or optical televiewer images.

This easy-to-use and intuitive process can for example be used to derive sand/shale fractions from a CT or optical scans within seconds.

Core Box Photo Cropper Software

Application examples
Optical televiewer vs. core image (left) supports structure interpretation and provides depth reference to match core and wireline data. Core image used as depth reference in digital core description workspace CoreCAD (right)

Core Image Cropper

The new and fully embedded Core Box Image Cropping tool provides an intuitive and easy to use instrument to get more value from your core images.

  • Extract images from core box or slabbed core photographs
  • Depth registration through interactive labeling and box calibration
  • Combination into a continuous core image column
  • Seamless integration as RGB or OLE log into WellCAD Borehole Documents
  • Alternatively export into standard graphic file format
  • Full digitalization of data into RGB pixels and availability for Color Classification or Color Component Extraction processes

Drag the image or structure to align ghosts of it with the reference image / structure. The reorientation and depth shift will be applied to the entire selected interval.

Core Image & Structure Reorientation

Reorient images and structure picks easily to reference images and picks. Use this new capability of the Core Shifter to close the gap between core and wireline log data. Combine the reorientation with a detailed depth match.

  • Rotate CT or 3D core scan images to reference picks and images.
  • Reorient structure and breakout picks.
  • Import or add discontinuities interactively to rotate intervals of the same orientation.
  • Combine rotation and depth shift in a single step.
  • Adjust core to borehole caliper settings to make the sinusoids comparable.
  • Correct Alpha & Beta angles to Dip and Dip Azimuth.
  • The functionality is part of the Core Shifter and available with the CoreCAD add-on module within the WellCAD software package.

Example of the Core Shifter workspace. The SHIFTER log (left) tracks and displays the different depth adjustment steps applied.

Core Shifter Workspace

Core and core related data can be depth matched to reference logs within the Core Shifter Workspace. Managing discontinuous and continuous core sections bulk shifting, expansion/compression, and even depth reversals can be performed on an interval basis respecting consolidated core sections.

  • Import or enter discontinuities to separate the data intervals to be shifted.
  • Free selection of logs to be used as reference and to be shifted.
  • All WellCAD log types are supported.
  • User defined criteria to limit depth matching operations (e.g. warns when overwriting existing data).
  • Visual and digital tracking of manipulations applied to the data.
  • The Core Shifter is part of the CoreCAD add-on module within the WellCAD software package.

Free Trial License

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