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WellCAD Support and Maintenance Update

New! WellCAD Software Support & Maintenance Plan

The WellCAD Support & Maintenance plan is an annual, subscription-based service that comes with your perpetual WellCAD license. With your Support & Maintenance Plan, you get free access to high-quality, timely support from technical experts at Mount Sopris and ALT. The program also includes quarterly upgrades to new program versions.

You will receive the following benefits while on the plan:

  • Free software upgrades including enhancements and new features.
  • No charges apply when requesting support via phone or email.
  • Option to directly connect with our technical experts in Webinars (time limits apply).
  • Reduced rates on training courses.
  • Activate add-on modules to increase functionality and value of your WellCAD license.
  • Know what you will spend annually to stay educated and up to date.

If you currently have a WellCAD license, contact Mount Sopris or ALT to get the latest WellCAD update and add the Support & Maintenance Plan. Discounts apply for multiple Support & Maintenance Plan purchases or if renewing your plan for 3 years or more. It is connected to your WellCAD license, so you can access your benefits even if you’re sharing a license between multiple office locations.

When purchasing or upgrading a WellCAD license, the Support & Maintenance Plan is included for free for the first 12 months. 90 days before the expiration date, Mount Sopris and ALT’s sales team will contact you to renew your Plan subscription. If you have a lapse in your enrollment, there is a reinstatement fee based on the number of months and/or version you were out of maintenance, but you will receive all of the updates and developments released during the lapsed period. As a subscriber to a Maintenance Plan, you will receive a discount on the replacement license in the case of a lost dongle.

The Maintenance Plan ensures that support services are available when time-sensitive problems arise. You will also receive all patches, updates and new version fixes, and updates and new versions of your software product. Without the Maintenance plan, not only will you lose out on valuable tech support but will not have the opportunity to download the latest software upgrades nor can you activate add-on modules on non-current licenses.

Read the Support & Maintenance FAQ for more information.

WellCAD License Options

We will soon be releasing WellCAD Version 5.4. If you purchase a license 6 weeks before the release of a new version, you will automatically be upgraded to the newest version along with the 12-month support and maintenance subscription. So now is the time to upgrade!

Going forward, network dongles are no longer available. Only single user USB dongles or server-based  FlexNet licenses are available. USB licenses allow you to use the license with various computers without the need for a server, but they are also easier to lose, which can be very costly.

With the purchase of a WellCAD FlexNet license, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • License pool with different numbers of licenses and add-on modules.
  • Concurrent users up to the number of licenses in the license pool.
  • Add-on modules are checked out on demand allowing usage by multiple users.
  • Access to licenses from geographically separated offices.
  • Borrow a license for a time window up to 30 days and use it off-line on a designated computer.
  • Know who is using a license and restrict access to add-on modules to user groups.
  • Dongles cannot get lost- FlexNet does not require a physical device.

To learn more about WellCAD Licensing Options or the Support & Maintenance plan, please Contact Us or review the linked documents.

WellCAD Licensing Options
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