Don’t miss out! Rien Corstanje from Mount Sopris’s partner company, Advanced Logic Technology, will be teaching a 3 day WellCAD class in Houston, Texas from February 23rd to 25th. The course will cover introductory well log editing, header design, crossplots, creating lithology dictionaries, and core description.

WellCAD is rapidly becoming the standard software for core description data processing and presentation in the geosciences industry. This 3‐day short course will familiarize the course attendee with many aspects of the software including loading, processing and presentation of (core) logging data.

Course Content

The following topics will be covered during the course:

  • Introduction to the concepts around which WellCAD is organized: User interface, types of data, loading and management of borehole data, presentation layout (templates) and data exchange with other software.
  • Core descriptions with CoreCAD: Importing of core photos, setup of workspaces, vertical and lateral snap, zoom options.
  • Document header design : Dynamic text fields, maps, legends, tables.
  • Manipulation of data : Filter, depth shifting, resampling, blocking, formula parser, manual data entry.
  • Dictionary design: New dictionary set-up, repeat and non-repeat pattern, import of patterns.
  • Crossplots : Setup of a new crossplot, clustering of data, copy data back to main document.

Who should attend
The course can be followed by beginners and confirmed WellCAD users involved in the interpretation of data such as sedimentologists, geologists, technical assistants.

See the course brochure for more information!

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