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The To Do List: Making the Most of your Rental

Rental equipment from Mount Sopris can be the most economical solution for short-term, non-recurring projects.  We have the most comprehensive range of solutions for small boreholes, ideal for groundwater, mining, geotechnical, and environmental investigations.

Mount Sopris offers everything rental customers will need, including probes, data acquisition system, winch, software and all accessories – backed by our best-in-class support. There are, however, a few things that our rental customers must DO to ensure the success of their project:

  1. DO understand the scope of your borehole logging project and communicate this to your Mount Sopris rental contact, who can guide in the selection of equipment.
  2. DO know borehole specifications, including diameter, depth, fluid, casing type, and hole inclination (if any).
  3. DO understand the geophysical logging tool response and limitations to the expected borehole environment.
  4. DO consider equipment power requirements. Our rental equipment generally runs on 120 VAC power at about 1000 watts.
  5. DO preview operationof unfamiliar equipment or software.
  6. DO allow a day to setup software and test the equipment in a location with phone and internet access – if you are new to borehole logging or out of practice.
  7. DO determine log requirementsfor depth units (metric or imperial), logging speed, and depth digitization increments.
  8. DO understand equipment delivery options and days needed for shipping.

MX Borehole Logging Winch with Remote

Renting borehole logging equipment from Mount Sopris is often the most economical solution for short-term projects. And based on the guidance and support that comes free with renting our plug-n-play systems, you will also have the peace of mind of knowing that we “have your back” – as long as you DO the above!

Contact Us with any questions or visit our Rentals Page to learn more!

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