Great employees work towards faster product delivery

In today’s environment, the need to rapidly respond to customer needs and exceed expectations is greater than ever. For this reason, Mount Sopris Instruments has implemented best-in-class supply chain practices to shorten delivery lead-times for new equipment and repairs.

This initiative is being led by 3 employees who are completing the internationally recognized APICS’ Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program. This professional program is designed to provide supply chain professionals with the ability to understand, evaluate, and improve production operations.

The Mount Sopris employees completing the CPIM certification are in key roles that directly impact supply chain efficiency and delivery performance.

Kathy VanPerseum, Purchasing Manager, has been working hard to improve supplier relationships to enable quick, accurate deliveries. Establishing these relationships provides stability within the supply chain and eliminates unexpected surprises that could cause delays. Kathy’s focus is to satisfy production requirements, while reducing material costs and ensuring high levels of incoming quality.

Jed Klayman, Materials Manager, manages the inventory once it is received. Implementing company-wide inventory policies has been Jed’s main initiative, leading to high levels of inventory accuracy. Ensuring that the right parts are available when needed for a customer order is a critical part of his job.

Andres Manzanares, Logistics Manager, handles scheduling and logistics for Mount Sopris. From order creation to order delivery, scheduling functions are applied throughout the supply chain to ensure customer orders are completed accurately and on time. Working across all departments, Andres coordinates the supply chain activities to be more responsive to customers.

Despite the best planning, our customers sometimes need equipment right away. Thanks to the leadership of Kathy, Jed, and Andres, Mount Sopris will very likely be able to exceed expectations!

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