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Photos from the recent end of year C&H Company Party

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Creative & Human Incorporated (C&H Inc) began in 1994 as a company that traded in scientific research equipment and materials. They have continued to grow throughout the years and have developed a very strong geophysics specialty, selling and supporting many geophysical instruments from manufacturers around the world. While they principally focus on Engineering, Research, and Geotechnical applications, they have also supplied equipment for Groundwater and Mining projects.

Their core values are Creativity, Innovation, Passion, and Trust and are shown everyday in the way C&H conducts their business.


Mount Sopris Instruments was fortunate to meet C&H many decades ago through geophysical conferences


Over the years, we have developed a strong bond and good working relationships. Their large team is able to support customers fully. They can offer field training and borehole data processing, basic repairs, and after-sales support all within South Korea.

Groundwater sampling for CCS Carbon Capture & Storage project BHFS Pohang city

When a customer needs training or technical support, C&H has the decades  of experience necessary with borehole logging equipment and WellCAD software


They have even taken the time to translate the most common Mount Sopris and ALT user manual into Korean for the ease of their customers (see QL40-OBI-2G Quickstart below).  This is above and beyond what most representatives offer and shows their true dedication and support to the success of their customers.

high quality borehole logging centralizers 40 mm diameter

Quickstart for optical televiewer in Korean

As great representatives, C&H also continues to actively promote their geophysical products through attendance at conferences and exhibition at South Korean trade shows. Often, Mount Sopris will meet with them at these shows and offer training or technical support to local customer in conjunction with these visits.


C and H at Korean trade show geophysics

We look forward to many future years of working with C&H Incorporated!

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