Mount Sopris is excited to announce the new 19GR Nano Gamma probe! This is the smallest total count gamma sonde in the world, with an amazing 19 mm diameter!

Nano Natural Gamma probe smallest in world

This gamma tool is operated as a standalone probe for standard gamma logging with the Matrix data logger on single conductor 1/8 in. diameter wireline.  It has a very small diameter, making it useful for logging in Direct Push pipe or Cone Penetrometer pipe. Similar to other gamma probes, this tool responds to the naturally occurring radioactivity within the rock formation adjacent to the borehole wall, allowing the user to delineate formation boundaries at known depths.






This tool has many unique features:

  • Uses a specially designed miniature circuit board
  • CsI (Na) Crystal 1.05 x 7.62 cm (0.415 x 3.0 in.). Counts are very high for such a small tool!
  • Cable head has been redesigned to quickly and easily clamp onto a 0.125 in. single conductor wireline, commonly used on portable winches.
  • New weight section, giving the tool enough weight so that it will sink when logged in water-filled boreholes.
  • Sleek design and exceedingly light weight. Great for field work.


To learn more about this tiny logging tool, check out the 19GR Nano Gamma Product Page or Contact Us now!

19GR Dimensions gamma ray probe

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