SEG Uranium Exploration Conference Workshop

Mount Sopris geophysicist Lia Martinez will be giving a Primary and Secondary Uranium Exploration workshop along with Guy Freemantle and George van der Walt of MSA Group at the upcoming Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) Annual Meeting. The conference and exhibition will be in Windhoek, Namibia from September 27th to 30th, 2024. The conference workshop is a full day long workshop taking place the day before the conference begins on September 26th. 

Nambia dunes SEG conference

This workshop will focus on the geologic principals of uranium deposit formation, with the presenters’ experience influencing an Africa-centric approach, covering Namibia, Niger, and South Africa in particular, and will include examples from Botswana among others.

The morning will comprise three sessions, with the first focusing on an overview of the major uranium deposit-types globally and set the context for the primary (alaskite type) and secondary uranium deposit sessions that follow, with a focus on African examples. Guy Freemantle will present the primary deposit session and George van der Walt will present the overview and secondary deposit sessions.

These sessions will discuss deposit geology, host rock genesis and characterization, mineralization models and controls, as well as the main methods of exploration.

The afternoon will focus largely on downhole logging methods and grade determination in the first session including:

  • Downhole logging and equivalent uranium overview
  • Application of downhole logging methods in uranium exploration (natural gamma, spectral gamma, resistivity, SP, PFN, etc.)
  • Technical considerations for equivalent grade determinations – calibration, conversion factors, QA/QC, disequilibrium, other radionuclides, water, casings etc.
  • Grade control applications

The workshop will then finish with a session on the economics and current trends of the uranium market and provide a forum for general discussion and questions. Lunch will be provided, and all attendees will receive certificates of participation.

Make sure to sign up now before the class fills up!



The South African Geophysical Association (SAGA) annual meeting immediately follows the SEG conference. Lia Martinez from Mount Sopris and Micha Horswill from ALT will be exhibiting at both the SEG and SAGA conferences following the Uranium workshop.

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