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Mount Sopris and ALT partner with AGT Systems Ltd. to sell and support our borehole logging equipment and WellCAD petrophysical software in Russia and other nearby countries


To show our support for their hard work and also share a more detailed look at why it is so important that we work with AGT, we asked them some questions about how they operate and what services they offer.


Please tell us about your company and the main products and/or services that your company offers. What would you like others to know?

AGT Systems Ltd., started its active operation in June 2001. Main focus of our activity is supply of modern technologies for geo exploration industry, including mining, oil and gas companies, geophysical expeditions, universities, research institutes. We supply geophysical equipment for land, airborne, marine and borehole surveys and software for geophysical and geological data processing, modelling and interpretation. Most systems and software are imported from North America (Canada and USA), from Europe (Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic). The territory of our operation includes: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan.

The most popular equipment well sell are: magnetometers, gravity meters, gamma-ray spectrometers, borehole logging systems like televiewer and acoustic viewers. Most popular software: Geosoft Oasis Montaj with various modules and WellCAD borehole logging software.

We provide complete services for our clients, including training, technical support, warranty and post-warranty repair, upgrade of the systems and software.

Geophysical assistance for geologists in Vietnam during land survey for rare earths exploration


When and how did you start your company?

AGT Systems is registered in Moscow in June 2001. The personal of the company includes professional geophysicists, geologists, geochemists, drilling engineers, IT engineers, and logistic experts. The general reason of incorporation of the company was lost of internal production of geophysical equipment on territory of former USSR. We have found a big demand for modern technologies for the exploration industry, and it was not covered by internal manufactures in Russia and CIS.

Now besides of head office in Moscow we have an office in Toronto (Canada) and an office in Almaty (Kazakhstan).


What are the primary industries you serve?

Most of our clients are major mining companies, national geological ministries and committees of republics of former USSR, state owned organizations, universities and research institutes, and regular survey companies.


What sets you apart from your competitors in the industry? Why do your customers choose to work with you?

The main advantage of our company on market of fUSSR is the high rate of professional service and support. All of our employees graduated from Russian universities and have tens of years of practical experience in field geophysical surveys and data processing. All of us understand the real cost of each day during field survey season, and for this reason we provide maximum fast service for our clients if the system suddenly is broken.

We try to provide spare parts, urgent repair, and technical service as soon as possible. As a result, the clients consider AGT a very reliable and friendly partner and supplier of modern geophysical technologies. It is especially important because the original manufacturer locations are far away from the operations of our clients in Siberia, the Central Asia mountains, the Far East, the Chukotka region, etc.

Celebration for the personal of AGT because of new geophysical instrument

Celebration for the personal of AGT because of new geophysical instrument


How have Mount Sopris Instruments and ALT equipment and software helped your company to be successful?

The products of ALT both equipment and software are very popular in territory of former USSR: in Russia and in Central Asia republics. Our clients are really very happy after purchase of these instruments. All manuals are translated in Russian, and it is very convenient for the users.


What does the future look like for your company?

The current situation in the market is not very optimistic [because of the pandemic and its economic effects]. However, our very good reputation received during 20 years of operation makes our position in the market in the territory of the fUSSR quite stable. We hope go through this difficult time and start again our successful business soon.


Have you observed any trends in borehole geophysics that will affect the future of this industry?

We see, and we know strong demand on the borehole logging service in republics of fUSSR, and we are sure equipment and software for borehole logging surveys will be popular as usual.

Chief Geophysicist Alexander Lychnikov provides training for personal of expedition of Committee of Geology and Mineral Resources of Republic of Uzbekistan

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