Full Waveform Sonic Probe, 4 Receivers


The QL40-FWS Full Waveform Sonic tool is used extensively in the groundwater, mining, and geotechnical industries. Sonic logs are widely employed, often in combination with other logs, to provide porosity, permeability, and geo-mechanical properties. This probe is ideal for cased-hole and open hole applications, such as fracture identification and cement bond logging.

The QL40-FWS implements a high energy source wave generated by a ceramic-piezoelectric transducer to excite the adjacent formation. Waves of different frequencies are developed and propagated within the formation, allowing for real time analysis of the full waveform by WellCAD software. Under suitable borehole conditions, Compressional (P), Shear (S), Stoneley, and Tube wave arrivals can be detected.

The FWS sonic probe must be used in a fluid filled hole and is stackable within the Quick Link (QL) product line or it can be run as a standalone tool. The tool is offered with one transmitter and 3 or 4 receivers.


  • Cased hole: Cement Bond Logging (CBL)
  • Porosity and permeability evaluation
  • Lithology identification
  • Variation of rock strength
  • Calculation of rock mechanical properties: Elastic moduli, Poisson’s ratio, Shear modulus, Young’s modulus, Bulk modulus and compressibility
  • Identification and hydraulic characterization of fractures

Operating Conditions

Borehole Fluid
[X] Water
[X] Mud
[_] Dry

[X] Uncased
[X] PVC Borehole
[X] Steel

[_] Not Required
[X] Tool is Centralized

WellCAD Sonic Rock Mechanical Properties

WellCAD Sonic Rock Mechanical Properties

Features & Benefits

  • Full wave sonic tool, Full waveform per receiver (VDL or wiggle)
  • Real time display and processing of full waveforms in LoggerSuite and WellCAD Browser
  • Real time P-wave velocity or slowness, Real time CBL (Cement Bond Logging) processing
  • High energy acoustic source
  • Real time filtering to enhance the detection of the main wave propagation modes
  • Higher speed telemetry performance
  • Operates on any standard wireline (Mono, 4, 7 conductor, or Coax)
  • Can be combined with other logging tools of the QL product line or operated as a standalone tool.

Specifications – Metric/English

Specification Metric Imperial
Diameter 50 mm 2″
Length 2.36 m * 89.4″ *
Weight 18 Kg 39 lbs.
Max. Temp. 70ºC 158ºF
Max. Pressure 200 bar 2900 psi


* 1 TX- 4RX configuration with 0.2 m RX separation

Transducers: Ceramic piezoelectric
Transducer Frequency: 15kHz resonant frequency
Sonic Wave Sampling Rate: Normal Mode – 4 µs
Sonic Wave Sampling Rate: Extended Mode – 20 µs
Sonic Wave Dynamic Range: 16 bits
Sonic Wave Sample Length: Normal Mode – up to 4 ms
Sonic Wave Sample Length: Extended Mode – up to 16 ms

WellCAD Cement Bond Logging

WellCAD Cement Bond Logging

QL Stack Possibilities

  • QL40FWS + QL40GR (Gamma): Lithology Characterization
  • QL40FWS + QL40GR-CCL (Casing Collar Locator): Production logging for cased hole
  • QL40FWS + QL4GR (Gamma) + QL40DLL (Focused Resistivity): The ‘Coal Suite’ tool set
  • QL40FWS + QL4GR (Gamma) + QL40NEU (Neutron): Hydrogeologist’s tool, Advanced Aquifer delineation

WellCAD Sonic Module

WellCAD Velocity Analysis Workspace

WellCAD Velocity Analysis Workspace

WellCAD® Software is an advanced log processing and visualization software recommended for use with all Mount Sopris logging probes. The WellCAD Sonic Module, used in conjunction with the QL40-FWS provides:

  • Easy to use Applications: Reflected tube wave processing for fracture identification and Cement Bond Log (CBL) quality evaluation
  • Velocity analysis based on semblance processing can be used to derive P, S, and Tube wave velocities
  • Mechanical property computation such as porosity, permeability, Poisson’s ratio, and Bulk modulus
  • Processing techniques: Weighted average and frequency filters, interpolation of poor traces, advanced threshold algorithms for dt first arrival pick up

For more information, please refer to the WellCAD Sonic Workspace Data Sheet.


Data Sheet
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