Mount Sopris is well known for the reliability of its geophysical logging equipment, which are designed to operate worry-free in the most extreme borehole environments.

Even so, the company listens carefully to the feedback of its customers, always looking for ways to improve product performance, dependability, and ease of use. Below are a few examples of recent product improvements that directly resulted from customer input.

Heat Pulse Flowmeter Design Improvements


Heat Pulse Flowmeter Design and Process Changes to Improve Robustness

Based on customer feedback and repair records, Mount Sopris engineers were made aware of instances of moisture intrusion, thermistor damage, and debris on the heat grid leading to unreliable measurements. To make the design more robust and easier to maintain, the following design/process improvements were implemented:


  • The design of the machined feedthrough component was modified to increase access for cleaning and to simplify the seal design.
  • The thermistor material was changed from PVC to stainless steel to eliminate breakage during handling.
  • Enhancements were made to the heat grid and isolation coating assembly processes to increase robustness.
  • Changed the potting procedure to ensure complete coverage of the sensor in the new stinger design.

The feedback on these design improvements from our customers has been outstanding:

“The HPFM updates are a great improvement.  The tool functions predictably as intended and provides a line of evidence that is critical at many of our clients’ sites.  The MSI staff have been great to work with, showing persistence and professionalism.  The flow of new products is truly impressive and we are always eager to see (and apply) what is next!”

-James L. Peterson, PG, LSRP – President, Princeton Geoscience, Inc.

In addition to the above design and process changes, we also updated and expanded the Heat Pulse Flow meter Manual to better show how to maintain the probe to keep it operating at peak performance. If you would like a copy of this manual, you may download it from the HFP product page.


 MX Borehole Logging Winch with Remote Improvement

Design Improvements to Winches


Although packaged in a rugged case, customers reported instances where the plastic motor controller enclosure was being damaged during shipping. To address this concern, Mount Sopris engineers moved to a tougher metal enclosure. At the same time, a comprehensive review and redesign of the Mini Winch was undertaken to eliminate non-value-added cost in the machining and assembly of the unit.


Customer feedback also helped the company improve the MX Winches. For those new to the winch, it was not intuitive whether or not the brake was engaged. In response to this, the brake assembly was redesigned to provide a more positive feel with distinct on/off positions. Also in response to a customer request, a remote control option was developed for the MX Series. If you are interested in this option for your MX winch, please see the Accessories area of the Mount Sopris Store.


Our truck-mounted WNA winch was also improved based on customer input. Most notably, a stronger version of the winch was created for deeper holes and heavier tool strings. Using the same basic platform, the new WFA winch boasts a 2 Hp motor vs. the 1 Hp on the WNA. If you are interested in upgrading your WNA winch, please Click Here to see an earlier post on this subject.


 Inline Fluid Temperature Conductivity Probe

Newly Configured In-line FTC Probe


While Mount Sopris has long offered the QL40-FTC fluid temperature and conductivity probe as a bottom-sub, more recently some customers have requested an in-line version of this classic tool. Based on these requests, an in-line FTC probe was developed. The tool uses the same technology as the bottom-sub, but it can be stacked anywhere in the string, allowing it to be used in combination with other bottom-sub tools, such as a spinner flowmeter.


The employees at Mount Sopris Instruments are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do, with the aim of providing our customers with better solutions and greater value.

Since our customers are on the “front lines” of borehole logging, we pay serious attention to their ideas and suggestions — incorporating them into our designs and practices whenever feasible. So, please Contact Us with any questions, problems, or improvement ideas!

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