Core logging software for WellCAD CoreCAD in mining

Core logging has been traditionally done manually. While it has served its purpose for decades, manual core logging has failed to keep pace with the technological developments witnessed across mining, petroleum, and groundwater. It is time-consuming and requires extensive manpower for miles of core, and also presents problems in reporting, formatting, and record keeping.

Core logging software, such as CoreCAD™, addresses these drawbacks by dramatically improving productivity and allowing direct input of core descriptions into a digital interface, where the data can be analyzed, combined with other sources of data, and visually presented for reporting purposes.

Core Logging Software Buying Points

  1. Functionality: Improving logging productivity is the first objective of any core logging software, A sophisticated one, like CoreCAD, offers a dedicated workspace with zoom & snap options, workflow templates, and fast data entry tools. You can view real-time data, analyze it and quickly create clear, understandable reports.
  2. Usability: The software should be easy to use and comprehend, with limited training required. Graphical representation of the data in the form of charts, tables and 3D images helps the users quickly make sense of the data. CoreCAD even allows the user to import core photographs and hand-drafted core descriptions.
  3. Versatility: Good core logging software will be able to accommodate all core description data types. CoreCAD features fully customizable workflow schemes and layout templates to handle clastic, carbonate and outcrop descriptions. CoreCAD is an add-on module for WellCAD™, the industry-leading log acquisition and processing software package.

For more information on CoreCAD and how it can improve your productivity, please go to the WellCAD page.


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