Axis Champ Navigator Gyro with Tablet Diagonal View

Axis Champ Navigator Gyro with Tablet


We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Axis Mining Technology to provide sales and support for their product line of gyros within the United States!

Gyros are the preferable tool to map the azimuth and inclination of the borehole within magnetic geologic environments or steel casing. The line of Axis products on offer include the Champ Gyro, Champ Navigator, and the Champ Pilot, along with all necessary accessories, such as overshot assemblies and depth counters.

Axis Pilot Gyro for Ease of Use

Axis Pilot Gyroscope

The Gyro dimensions are 1.41 in. (36 mm) diameter, 5.4 ft (1.64 m) long, and weighs only 15.4 lbs. (7kg). These dimensions are slightly larger with the Overshot assembly. All gyros are sent with a tablet pre-loaded with software. Once you are done collecting the survey, you can transfer the data to a USB drive. The batteries in the gyros are rechargeable and have a 15-hour battery life. The equipment is sent with a backup battery pack to ensure that you have plenty of battery to complete the job.

Axis Champ Gyro Case for Quick Field Mobilization

Axis Champ Gyro Setup

The gyros are set up in minutes at the site and do not require a starting azimuth before running down the hole. They can also come with a unique Overshot Assembly (OSA) that allows you to run the gyro while you are recovering a core sample, eliminating a need for a second survey run. This minimizes downtime between drilling runs.

Axis Champ OSA Overshot tool Forward View

Axis Champ OSA Overshot tool

  • The Champ Gyro is a North Seeking solid state gyro that takes high accuracy single shot or multi-shots at the push of a button.
  • The Champ Pilot allows you to either perform single shot or multi-shot, as well as perform continuous surveys.
  • The Champ Navigator is a multifunctional North seeking gyro that allows you to survey the borehole with single shot, multi-shot, or a continuous survey and allows you to perform rig alignment surveys.

The Pilot and Navigator continuous surveys can be logged at up to 656 ft/min (200m/min) utilizing the Axis onPoint™ Adaptive Roll Technology to provide the best productivity and precision. The depths can be inputted manually or wirelessly via an electronic depth counter.

Champ Gyro SRO Horizontal Axis Mining

Champ Gyro SRO

The Champ SRO can be used confidently to run on rods horizontal, pump in surveys, orientation of motor or wedges and much more. This is the only gyro currently available for purchase from Axis Mining Technology.

Please Contact Us or see the complete Axis Gyro Product Page for more details or to receive a quote for renting or purchasing a gyro.

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