Side by side MXG II Miniwinch

Side by side MXG II with Miniwinch


Mount Sopris Instruments is a manufacturing company with a very long history in the well logging industry. Since our beginnings in the 1960’s we have continuously strived to produce rugged, reliable products designed for heavy use in the field environment. And when those tools sometimes break over the years, we have always been there to repair these products for as long as it is possible.

That is why it is with heavy heart that we now have to give notice that many of our older products are no longer serviceable. The following list of products contain parts which are obsolete, making them impossible for us to repair going forward. If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and ask about your equipment. Unfortunately, any equipment from the following list sent in for repair without prior consultation with Mount Sopris will need to be returned to the sender at sender’s expense.

Our goal in sending out this news release is to avoid burdening our customers with shipping costs only to tell them that we can’t repair their tool. This will also help us to increase the speed of future repair completions. In the Spirit of Service we have always embodied, almost any product not listed below will still be serviceable regardless of age.


  • MGX II console
  • MGX II/Miniwinch side-by-sides
  • HLP-2375
  • 2PGA-1000
  • 2PEA-1000
  • 2SAA-1000-F
  • 2CAA-1000 and 2PCA-1000
  • 2WQA-1000 and 2PFA-1000
  • 2GDA-1000
  • 2PIA-1000 and 2EMA-1000
  • 2IDA-1000
  • QL40-OBI-1G (trade in)
  • 2OIA-1000 and 2ABI-1000
  • 2SNA-1000-S and 2SNA-1000
  • FLP-2492
  • 2AMA-1000 and 2SMA-1000
  • 2DVA-1000
  • 2FSA-1000
  • KLP-2780
  • LLP-2676
  • 2HMA-453 and 2HIA-1000
  • 2BSA-1000 and 2BSF-1000
  • CLP-2492
  • NN-976 and 2NEU-1000

Any probes or consoles manufactured prior to 1990 are also included on this list.

Line of older Poly probes 1990s
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