The MSI-360 Digital Camera is the first of its kind in our industry! This is the first fully digital camera that works on up to 2000 meters (6562 ft) of standard single, coaxial, or 4-conductor wireline and displays high resolution downhole and side-view video in real time at the surface. Both the onsite logger and the customer can see the real time video displayed on their personal phones, tablets, or laptop using the control unit’s built-in WiFi.

The process of collecting video with this digital downhole camera is so easy and seamless, any customer onsite will be immediately impressed. And better yet, the cost of this camera system is less than similar cameras from most leading camera vendors. This is the first time that a camera can now be used on standard geophysical wireline along with other groundwater tools such as resistivity, caliper, fluid conductivity/temperature, and natural gamma.

The well inspector can take pictures while recording video. As displayed in the video above, the downhole view is displayed next to two side-view videos that each cover 180 degrees of the borehole wall. Once the video is complete, a USB is retrieved from the camera body and a high resolution HDMI quality MP4 video is downloaded. If you are interested in testing before buying, this camera is available today in our Rental Equipment!

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Note: The video above shows this camera being used for the inspection of a water well down to 400 meters (1312 ft) depth. The borehole is lined with 6 inch diameter steel casing and rock fragments are clearly visible.


  • Water Well Inspection
  • Pump Inspection
  • Casing Revision
  • Pylon and Caisson Inspection
  • Equipment Recovery and Fishing
  • Shaft Inspection
  • Strata Identification
  • 4G Remote Monitoring

MSI-3360 Digital Camera 4 in LineDigital Camera CAD Example Dimensions

Operating Conditions

Borehole Fluid
[X] Water
[_] Mud
[X] Dry

[X] Uncased
[X] PVC Borehole
[X] Steel

[X] Required
[_] Not Necessary

Features & Benefits

  • Digital video and pictures on standard wireline
  • Works on up to 2000 meters (6562 feet) of single, coaxial, or 4-conductor wireline
  • Downhole sidewall and down-view video recorded at the same time
  • Review video in real time on multiple phones, tablets, or laptops via Bluetooth
  • Improved digital, high resolution image
  • Optional depth and speed overlaid onto video as subtitles
  • Narrow 43 mm (1.7 inch) diameter
  • Easy to operate, no training required

MSI-3360 Digital Camera LensMSI-3360 Digital Camera Shown in Box and Packaging

Specifications – Metric/English

Specification Metric Imperial
Diameter 43 mm 1.7 in.
Length 70.8 cm 27.9 in.
Weight 3.5 kg 7.72 lbs.
Max. Temp. 70 ºC 158 ºF
Max. Pressure 200 bar 2900 psi


Additional Example Videos on YouTube


MSI-360 Digital Camera Brochure

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