Gamma ray sonde well logging Mount Sopris 32GR

Driven by our goal to improve the quality and performance of our products, ALT and Mount Sopris Instruments are pleased to announce the release of our new digital Slim Gamma Probe (32mm) – rated 70°C (158°F) / 200 bar (2900 PSI) – the 32GR.

This new generation instrument is the result of our continuous process of developing and upgrading our borehole logging tools. The 32GR incorporates the latest generation of digital communications. By digitizing the probe, it will allow for more robust communications.  The probe now handles higher counts and provides more consistency in the measurements.  There will be no more dialing in discriminator settings or varying counts over different wireline lengths.  The new 32GR provides more consistent measurements and operation over the previous analog version.

The tool can be run as a standalone tool or it can be adapted to carry a small radioactive Cesium-137 source (generally 100 mCurie for most applications) for 4-Pi density measurements. This density setup can be run normally in the borehole or decentralized with the use of a bow spring assembly to collect semi-quantitative (when calibrated) density information of the material surrounding the borehole. It is most commonly used to assess the integrity of media surrounding small diameter access tubes in highway construction piles, diaphragm walls and other infrastructure and geotechnical works.  Logs of density in lbs/ft3 or g/cm3, can be generated in real-time. See the log below for an example of the 32GR in this application.

For more information on this tool including the User Manual and Release note, please see the 32GR Slim Gamma product page.

gamma-gamma pile log example



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