Mount Sopris ALT borehole logging companies

Mount Sopris Instruments (MSI) has been partnering with Advanced Logic Technology (ALT) for almost 20 years, with the goal of providing customers with the most comprehensive range of fully integrated borehole logging solutions. Together, MSI and ALT offer customers unique advantages that improve their subsurface investigations and promote their success. Here are 3 reasons why we are better together.


Best Selection: Together, we are the only total solution provider in the industry.

No other company offers as many stackable and smart combination probes as MSI and ALT, all of which work seamlessly with each other and the rest of the system. The combined experience of the companies has also led to the development of best-in-class logging winches, from the highly portable “Mini” to an innovative 2500m truck-mounted winch soon to be released.  Customers also have 3 different acquisition systems to choose from, including the popular MATRIX that MSI and ALT jointly developed to work with hundreds of legacy, current, and even competitive tools. And since ALT is the developer of the industry leading WellCAD software, raw data files from MSI and ALT tools can easily be “dragged and dropped” into the software – reducing steps and saving time.

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Best Support: Together, we have the most accessible and experienced staff of geoscientists in the industry.

MSI and ALT have a combined staff of 10 geoscientists with hundreds of years of combined experience, eager to help customers produce great logs in all types of geological formations and conditions. With offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia, we can provide 24-hour customer support no matter what time zone customers are working in. In these offices, numerous languages are spoken, including English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, and others. Using cloud-based support software, all MSI and ALT geoscientists are interconnected so that customers benefit from the combined knowledge of the team. Finally, MSI and ALT also have the largest combined network of international sales partners, all of whom have one or more experienced geoscientists familiar with local geology and conditions.

mount sopris alt borehole logging companies

Best Practices: Together, our cultural and technical diversity helps us to better serve our customers.

With nationals from over 10 countries, MSI and ALT together represent a “melting pot” of ideas and best practices. Approximating the diversity of the customers we serve, we can better understand the unique interests and requirements our customers are facing. MSI and ALT’s close collaboration has also improved our ability to develop innovative new products, using a common development process with joint engineering reviews. MSI and ALT also benchmark each other’s manufacturing and supply chain practices, with the goal of delivering world-class quality and value to our customers.


Best selection. Best support. Best practices. 3 Reasons why Mount Sopris and ALT are better together, all of which provide our customers with superior logging solutions and successful subsurface investigations.

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