The Mount Sopris single-conductor cablehead has been industry standard for over 40 years.  This simple, easy-to-rehead assembly includes a mecca bulkhead seal. When installed it provides at least 20 M-Ohms isolation needed to collect excellent geophysical logs every time. Thousands of these cableheads are in use in over 100 countries around the world today!

Mecca Bulkhead Feed Through Sale

Every Mount Sopris winch delivery includes a re-head kit, but it’s also a very good idea to have a feed-through on hand to reduce potential down-time.  If you have the older single-O’ring bulkhead found in our model 02000-1448 cablehead you should consider ordering some 21-808-500 mecca bulkhead feed-through seals, and we just made it easier for you to do so as the price for these items is now over 50% off recent price.  While supplies last you can order the feed-through for just $43 each with no quantity limit.  Old price was $102.

***A few tips and tricks when using this bulkhead seal in the field***

During regular maintenance of your cablehead (3-month intervals recommend) you may find that the bulkhead seal may be leaking, perhaps at 10 M-Ohm, or some other value below the recommended 20 M-Ohm isolation.  If you don’t have spare cablehead parts at your disposal in the field you can sometimes remove the mecca feed-through from the bulkhead, clean it and get better isolation.  The brown phenolic isolators can get wet, creating some continuity between center-conductor and isolator.  Simply letting them dry out in the sun or drying with a heat-gun (or hotel room blow dryer!) gets the job done so you can get on to your geophysical logging projects.  Rarely, small pin-holes can develop the clear plastic sleeve over the 4-40 threaded rod, causing annoying leakage and / or noisy logs.  Fix this with some heat-shrink tubing from your geophysical tool kit (Mount Sopris part number 5TKA-1000).

Check again soon as you will be able to order cablehead parts and many other accessories from our new web Store.

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