Do you have a Mount Sopris 4WNA winch with a 1 HP motor and more than 1000 meters (3,281 feet) of geophysical logging cable? 

If so, we now have an upgrade kit package that includes a 2 HP motor plus gear box, mounting hardware and accessories, and step-by-step installation instructions.  You can do it yourself.  Our 4WNA-3700 Upgrade Kit will save you time and money allowing you to stack three or more Quick Link (QL) tools so that you can perform geophysical logging operations with the comfort of knowing you have plenty of power to pull tool stacks through hostile borehole environments.

Well logging winch upgrade kit

Feedback from customers indicated that the WNA truck-mounted winch had insufficient power in deep holes, especially when drawing stacked QuickLink tools.  This input led to the development of the WFA winch, featuring a 2HP motor versus the 1 HP motor on the WNA. The 2HP motor permits 3x greater logging speed at the same load as the 1 HP motor.

Once upgraded you will need 220 VAC and the winch motor controller can be set for 50 or 60 Hz for power depending on your location.  Most generators and power inversion systems already have this functionality.

Mount Sopris is proactive about serving customers.  Our mission includes providing the highest quality and reliable solutions for everybody.  Visit the 4WNA and 4WFA Winch page for a comparison of 4WNA and 4WFA features.  These small footprint, high-capacity truck/skid mountable geophysical logging winches feature depth-speed-tension display and handy hand-held remote control function for ease of operation that are the envy of competitors.

Buy it now on our Web Store!

The 4WNA-3700 Upgrade Kit is available from the Mount Sopris Web Store.  While you are there check out all the other items, including re-head kits, centralizers, WellCAD software and upgrades that you can purchase easily with a mouse click and a credit card!

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