New Probe Rack for Quick Tool Connections in the Field

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New Probe Rack for Quick Tool Connections in the Field

wireline logging probe stand for connecting downhole tools

Mount Sopris has developed a new probe rack that allows you to quickly connect geophysical logging tools in the field- Fast and Easy- every time!


A pair of our model 04000-1510 portable field probe racks is all you need!


These downhole logging tool racks are 48-inches (122mm) long, made of strong 2-inch (50mm) angle aluminum and fold-up nicely so that they fit into a probe or tripod case from Mount Sopris.  They can easily be mounted in your logging truck, strapped to a skid logger, or shipped with your rental system.  Available from the Mount Sopris Web store Logging Accessories page, these handy and useful field racks will make your logging day go more seamlessly.


connection of wireline logging probes for mining


With a pair of racks adjacent to each other just place two of your Mount Sopris logging tools end-to-end then slide together, rotate, and listen for fast connection key-lock.  Rotate the threaded brass ring clockwise by hand or with your 40-42mm spanner wrench until snug and you are good to go.  Always make sure the O’rings are clean, without any pits, scraps, or issues. Lubricated the O’ring grease properly with a thin film of silicon O’ring grease provide with every Mount Sopris system.  The brass rings should rotate freely.  If not, just remove with a 1.5mm allen key, clean and re-lube.


probe stands showing connection of wireline logging sondes

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