IAEA Uranium Workshop Mendoza Argentina 2016

Earlier this year, the IAEA, along with the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina (CNEA), held a training workshop focusing on uranium exploration for over 70 geoscientists from 14 Member States. The workshop was facilitated by a team of experts which included our own Mount Sopris Instruments geophysicist. Expert scientists  included Dr. Michel Cuney, University of Lorraine, France; Dr. Mostafa Fayek, University of Manitoba, Canada; Dr. Kurt Kyser, Queen’s University, Canada; Lia Martinez, Mount Sopris, USA; and Ted O’Connor, Plateau Uranium, Canada.

Tailings ponds at San Rafael Uranium mine

Mr Luis Lopez, project manager at the CNEA and local organizer for the workshop  stated after the workshop:

“I dare say that was the most important uranium training event in Argentina, at least during the last forty years. This is truly a milestone in the history of our activities within the uranium production cycle. The CNEA is deeply grateful for the fact that the IAEA has organized this training course in the country, thus allowing the participation of a large group of local professionals and technicians”.

The workshop, held in Mendoza, Argentina, included a field visit to the San Rafael mine, where there has been historical uranium production.


San Rafael Uranium site, Mount Sopris geophysicist

The purpose of the workshop was to provide an overview of uranium exploration methods ranging from practical basic knowledge to more recently developed techniques. Subjects covered included deposit classification, uranium resource classification, geophysical, geochemical, and other methods for exploration, evaluation and discovery of uranium deposits. The radiological and social aspects of uranium exploration were also covered.

“This training was targeted primarily to those who are newly engaged in the uranium exploration industry,” said Adrienne Hanly, Uranium Resource Specialist at the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy. “Participants can now be expected to have enough general knowledge to understand the basic principles needed to initiate an exploration program in their home country.” Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive.


Lia Martinez during IAEA Uranium Exploration Workshop

For further information about this Workshop and future IAEA Trainings and Meetings, please see the LinkedIn article, the IAEA article, or the Workshop information page with links to all uranium exploration presentations given during the training.


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