Wireline logging hitch boom
Wireline logging hitch boom

Wireline Field Engineers guarantee delivery and execution of well logging operations to customers.   A few of their many activities and tasks include leading a crew of Operators, applying procedures for efficient operations of wireline logging trucks, uphole instrumentation, and downhole tools. Many of these talented people are versed in well log analysis, presentation, and recognition of good vs. problematic logs using WellCAD software. Others handle perforating services, conveyance, imaging, explosives, and radioactive source handling & safety.

Mount Sopris provides several useful field logging operation accessories to assist Field Engineers and Operators.

Calibration:        All certified MSI tools can be provided with appropriate calibration devices and jigs, etc. making it easy for field operators.  Many of these are available at our Web Store.  Calibrations are embedded in .sub or .tol files for easy user access, and it is easy to re-calibrate as necessary.   Mount Sopris archives all customer .sub files and calibration certificates; if you lose your just contact us for fast service!

Well Site Accessories:   Connecting QL tool subs is easy with a couple probe stand racks.  We have the most complete range of cablehead adapters in the industry.  The 4QPA-1000, QuadPod (pictured below) MSI introduced a few years ago has proven to be rugged, reliable, and easy to set up over a hole.  Users everywhere are pleased with durability and flexibility of the 4QPA-1000.  Our easy-to-use 4SWA-1000, hanging sheave is also useful at the well site.

4QPA Quadpod for field well logging

MSI has a broad range of wireline adapters, very handy when connecting tools that don’t mate to your wireline winch.  If you don’t see the adapter you need in the web store just contact us as we make many different combinations.  The popular 5TKA-1000, geophysical tool kit is very useful at the well site and includes a high quality multimeter so you can quickly check you cablehead for isolation and continuity.  One of our favorites is the winch simulator.

5TKA Well Logging Toolbox

Tool and Winch Accessories:      Have you ever been in the field trying to get that last logging run done and you encounter a problem?  You hook a up a tool and LoggerSuite is showing communication errors!  You don’t know where the problem is sourced?  I quick way to eliminate the winch is to grab a winch simulator from your logging truck tool box and hook it up directly from SCOUT or Matrix to the logging tool.  Another very handy winch accessory is the 5MDA-1000, Depth-Speed Console.  We recommend always carrying spare QL top and bottom subs in your logging truck.  Other worthwhile tool accessories available at the web store and direct from MSI include centralizers, OBI glass replacement kits, thread protectors, O’rings, cablehead kits, connecting cables, etc.

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