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Mount Sopris and ALT proudly announce that GeoEXplo has been appointed as their official representative in Algeria and the Maghreb region of North Africa.


As Algeria’s leader in near-surface geophysics, GeoEXplo is uniquely qualified to provide expert assistance with equipment specification, commissioning, training, software, data interpretation, and other types of after-sales support. Algeria is a large market for geophysical applications including borehole logging. Groundwater is a scarce resource and quality water well completion is vital in the arid environment. Petroleum is the largest sector of their economy and the government has has recent renewed interest in mining.

Overall, this is a thriving, robust geophysical market. GeoExplo is experienced and ready for all future sales and technical support.


Algeria Geophysical market groundwater and petroleum


“We are very pleased to partner with GeoEXplo in North Africa, an important market for borehole logging. Made up of experienced geophysicists, GeoEXplo is well qualified to provide customers with the knowledge and tools to make them successful”

— Jim LoCoco, Mount Sopris Instruments


Based in Algiers, GeoEXplo is a private company focused solely on near-surface geophysics. The company is made up of about a dozen geophysicists. Representing many world-class instrument manufacturers, GeoEXplo offers a variety of geophysical equipment and software in addition to conducting geophysical investigations, training, and data interpretation.

Mount Sopris Sales Reps outside the MSI Facility in Denver, Colorado

Hamza Bouabdallah, Director of GeoEXplo, recently attended Mount Sopris’ International Sales Rep meeting to gain specialized knowledge in the applications, operation and maintenance of Mount Sopris and ALT equipment. GeoEXplo also recently added an additional geophysical engineer to be dedicated to the support of well-logging customers in Algeria and the Maghreb.


For more information on GeoEXplo, please go to their website at

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