EAGE 2017 Paris France Exhibition Geophysiics

79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Paris, France this year June 12 – 15, 2017

The theme of EAGE 2017 is “Energy, Technology, Sustainability…. time to open a new chapter.”  Mount Sopris Instruments and ALT will once again exhibit in the Earth Alliance booth 910 at the exhibition, so you can visit and get latest updates from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of geophysical instrumentation and software.  As you already know Mount Sopris and ALT are your one-stop solution for slimline borehole geophysical logging systems and software.

The Earth Alliance booth at EAGE offers visitors even more!

Our friends DMT (seismographs, core scanning systems, resistivity meters and other instruments), Vibrometric Oy (Specialized source VSP data acquisition and interpretation), and IDS (Radar solutions for geophysics) will also exhibit in the Earth Alliance booth, bringing a full complement of geophysical experts at your service.  Earth Alliance is an excellent opportunity to get the latest scoop on our businesses!

EAGE 2017 Geophysics Conference Logging Equipment


Visit us and get a demonstration of the latest WellCAD Version 5.2 software from ALT, which includes new features for processing NMR data, along with several other enhancements.  Some of these are a new Casing Integrity add-on module and a tool post processing modules.  A handy Unit Converter is now at your fingertips, along with improvements to the Engineering Log, Log Summary Bar, and a new twist to three component RGB displays.


Mount Sopris and ALT personnel will update you on ongoing projects, including SIP (Spectral Induced Polarization) development, a new-generation pulsed neutron sonde, nano natural gamma tool, 2500 meter servo-controlled smart winch, and many other exciting new wireline logging equipment and software.

See you in Paris!

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