Logging with QL40-DEN Dual Density + Caliper Probe


Customer Testimonial: Australian Downwhole Geophysics


Australian Downhole Geophysics (ADG) has been using Mount Sopris’ Dual Density + Caliper probe almost continuously for 3 years now and are absolutely delighted with this tool! We are very impressed with the smart design and robust performance of the QL40-DEN, which has performed flawlessly while logging about 1200 meters each week.

Performance in Dry Holes

We log hundreds of blast holes that often do not contain water, so a minimal amount of back-scatter is important. This is possible with the excellent shielding and collimator on the QL40-DEN.

Strong and Reliable Caliper

We will open and close the caliper as often as 120 times each month. The shallow blast holes that we log are rotary hammer drilled and can be incredibly rough with huge blow-outs. Due to the gas-charged piston-type actuator, the caliper has withstood huge punishment without the slightest impact on performance and reliability.

Fast and Secure Stacking Options

We also love the design of the Quick Link (QL) system of joining probes. The QL coupling system is fast and yet positively seals the probe internals from harsh borehole conditions. The QL system makes it convenient for us to log with or without Natural Gamma.

Partnered with a Trouble-Free Winch

What good is a great probe without an equally dependable winch?  We have 2 of your WNA winches and are also pleased with their  performance. The spooling is smooth and trouble-free, thanks to a nice bit of engineering on the level wind mechanism.

We log on average about 4800 lineal meters every month, and thanks to the performance and reliability of Mount Sopris equipment our customers are very pleased with our services. From all of us at ADG, a big “thumbs up” to the staff at Mount Sopris Instruments and our best wishes for 2018!

Logging with QL40-DEN dual density + caliper probe

-Glenn Flynn, Logger at Australian Downhole Geophysics Pty Ltd. Based in Muswellbrook New South Wales, Australia. ADG offers a wide range of geophysics services including assessments, contracting, exploration, monitoring, and research.


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