Geotech core samples for highway building


Characterization of Rock Core and Borehole Conditions for Engineering & Environmental Projects


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Saturday, September 16, 2017


8:00 am – 5:30 pm

COST (per person): 

$250 Member Professionals 

$300 Non-Member Professionals

$100 Students
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Information gleaned from rock cores and testing in the resultant borehole create the fundamental data source for use in analysis and design on many engineering and environmental projects. This course will train participants in collecting data during drilling, describing rock core, in-situ testing in the borehole, and interpreting and presenting information from these sources. The course instructors have wide experience with investigations in rock and include geologists specializing in engineering and environmental geology, a driller, and a geophysicist.

Presentations on the most common rock description systems, rock coring techniques and tools, digital recording of observations, and supplemental down-hole geophysical and permeability testing methods will be included. Description methods will focus on fundamental rock and discontinuity features using methods that the participant can apply with any of the large number of description systems used by a consulting companies, owners, or government agencies. A wide range of rock core will be available for hands-on practice by participants. Special emphasis will be placed on development of information deliverables, including use of rock mass rating systems and various reporting and presentation approaches.

Geotech work is necessary for mine site development



Geologists, engineers, and technical staff who need to turn visual observations and field testing into usable input for evaluation, analysis, modeling, engineering design or environmental remediation would find this course valuable. The course is equally appropriate for younger professionals as well those who are more experienced due to the depth of instruction, range of topics, and wide experience of the instructors. Participants will be able to put their training into practice during hands-on sessions with rock core. Employers benefit from the very reasonable cost of this training – equivalent to the cost of drilling less than five feet of rock core.


Gary Rogers AEG Geotech Rock Core Borehole Course

Gary Rogers, PG, Senior Associate Geologist and the Geosciences Service Area Leader with Schnabel Engineering. Gary is a Professional Geologist with over 30 years of hands-on experience in engineering geology and hydrogeology related to dams, foundations, landfills, nuclear waste sites, power plants, slope stability investigations, tunnels and shafts, and subsurface exploration programs. In his work on these projects he has used many of the rock description methods required by various owners and agencies. He completed a B.S. at Kent State University where he focused on hydrogeology and field studies and an M.S. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a thesis project in structural geology. He has worked for large engineering firms (Ebasco Services, Inc.), was a founder of an environmental and engineering firm (Applied Geosciences and Engineering), and is now with a mid-size employee-owned firm (Schnabel Engineering). He is past Chair of the Carolinas Section of AEG and is active on both section and national committees of AEG.


Bryan Simpson AEG Borehole Core Geotech CourseBryan K. Simpson, PG, PE: Technical Specialist, Engineering Geology, US DOI, Bureau of Reclamation – Technical Service Center. Bryan’s responsibilities include engineering geology/engineering analysis, which include subsurface characterization foundation acceptance mapping, photogrammetric analysis, seepage analysis, erodibility analysis, hard rock kinematics and soil slope stability, specification preparation/review. He is a Risk Cadre Member, Dam Safety Advisory Team Member, Safety of Dams Risk Analysis Estimator, Safety of Dams Scoping Member, Value Engineering Team Member, Value Planning Team Member, Cost/Risk Team Member, Comprehensive Facility Review Team Member, Technical Review Team Member, and Technology Development Panel Member. Bryan has 22 years of experience, with 15 years in the private sector and 7 years at Reclamation. Bryan has an AA Engineering from South Plains College and a BS in geology from University of Northern Colorado.


Jim LoCoco AEG Borehol Loggin for Engineering Applications AEGJames J. LoCoco. CPG: Jim is the current Chairman of Mount Sopris Instrument Company, Inc. Denver, Colorado, manufacturer of borehole geophysical logging systems. Jim has over 39 years diverse worldwide experience in slimline borehole geophysics applied to many applications, including engineering and geotechnical, mining, ground water, research and development, and energy resources. Through the years, Jim has published manuscripts and papers on the applications of borehole geophysical logging, and has presented at various conferences and symposia.  Jim has a B.S. in Geology from the University of New Mexico and post-grad credential in Ground Water Science from the Ohio State University.


Mike Neal Rock Core Drilling Geotech Engineering AEG CourseMike Neal is the Eastern Operations Manager for Ruen Drilling Incorporated. He is experienced in surface and underground diamond core drilling, tooling, equipment, operations and procedures. Mike has designed, built and operated core drill rigs over his 36 years in the drilling industry. Mike has cored to a depth of 6,220 feet, although if you count the time he drilled 3,000 feet starting from a mine level at 8,000 feet underground, he’s recovered core from 11,000 feet below the ground. He’s overcome many difficult drilling situations, including coring a hole with 1,500 psi of backpressure from the formation.


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