Rental Camera System

Mount Sopris Instruments is pleased to announce the addition of a Laval R-CAM 1000 downhole camera system to its rental pool. The R-CAM system, featuring variable illumination and both down- and side-views, further extends our broad range of borehole solutions available for rent.

Key features of the R-CAM system include:

  • A 7″ color monitor and recorder
  • Side- or down-view control switch
  • Forward or reverse rotation selection
  • Up / down variable reel speed controller
  • On-screen digital depth counter

The potential uses for the downhole camera system are many, including:

  • New well construction inspection
  • Periodic inspection of existing wells
  • Pre- and post-service inspection and validation
  • Determination of water quality, mineralization, geological strata, etc.

To simplify shipping, we deconstructed the winch boom and handle system, and then mounted it in a rugged case. It can be easily reassembled for operation.

We also provide a light weight AC to 12-volt power supply to operate the system without the need to ship a heavy deep cycle battery. The system can also be powered using a 12-volt vehicle battery.

The Laval SC-166 slim, down-looking only, camera is also available for work in 2-inch to 10-inch (5 cm to 25 cm) water wells, boreholes and vertical shafts.

When you really need to know what is going on in your borehole, there is nothing better than having a look for yourself. Contact Paul Staples, Rentals Manager, to reserve the R-CAM 1000 system.

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