When not in use, the Idronaut Water Quality probe requires constant maintenance, making it a great option for rental.


8 Reasons


From the latest high-resolution Acoustic and Optical Televiewer probes and WellCAD software to classic gamma, SP, and SPR tools, our wide range of rental equipment will meet the needs of both complex and basic logging projects.



All systems can be configured for operation by one person and shipped by overnight carrier. Winches are available in 200, 300, 500 and 1000 meter lengths. Most probes can be used in as small as 2 inch (51 mm) PVC casing.



We stock multiple systems of our most popular equipment, increasing the likelihood that we will have exactly what you need when you need it.



We make scheduling your rental as easy and flexible as possible, and will reserve equipment for future dates with no commitment or expense on your part.



Our engineers have decades of logging and technical experience with this equipment and can help guide you towards the best measurements for your project. We manufacture and repair most of our rental equipment which is tested and prepared by an experienced engineer.



We provide free support by phone, email or remote login, and can get you up and running even if you are new to borehole logging.



We provide free ½-day rental system training at our factory, which can include logging our test well. We can also provide on-site training if needed.


Your Success!

Our goal is to provide the equipment, support and expertise necessary for you to succeed. Check out our Full inventory of Rental equipment and Daily rates or Contact us to get started!

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