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The 40TGU-1000 Triple Gamma Geiger probe was designed specifically for use in Uranium Exploration and Production. It measures natural gamma radiation from a Sodium Iodide scintillation crystal and a ZP1320 High-flux Geiger-Muller tube pair with anti-coincidence circuitry. This results in three natural gamma logs collected simultaneously.

The G-M tube pair, installed below the NaI detector, has been used successfully to determine ore grade in very high concentrations of U3O8. By having three different detector sensitivities, the 40TGU-1000 probe can be used in exploration and production projects with wide variations in ore grade. Accurate concentrations can be measured in uranium ore grades ranging from less than 0.1% to 20%.


  • Uranium Ore Grade Analysis
  • Bed boundary analysis
  • Coarsening/ Fining Sequences in mineralized zones
  • Identify Clay Aquitards
  • Formation Thickness

Operating Conditions

Borehole Fluid
[X] Water
[X] Mud
[X] Dry

[X] Uncased
[X] PVC Borehole
[X] Steel

[_] Required
[X] Non-Necessary

Features & Benefits

  • Able to collect ore grade data in very high and low concentrations of uranium.
  • Versatile, ubiquitous probe which functions with a wide range of applications and borehole conditions.
  • Matrix .sub files can be modified to output gamma in API units or %wt U3O8 (percent weight Uranium).
  • Mount Sopris manufactures more natural gamma and spectral tools than any other slimline manufacturer in the world today.
  • Gamma probes with other scintillation materials and sizes can be custom made for your application.

Specifications – Metric/English

Specification Metric Imperial
Diameter 40 mm 1.57″
Length 1.12 m 44″
Weight 4.0 Kg 8.8 lbs.
Max. Temp. 70ºC 158ºF
Max. Pressure 200 bar 2900 psi


Sensors: NaI Scintillation Crystal, 2 Pairs of G-M Tubes
Measurement Range: 1 to 100,000 cps
Accuracy: ± 0.5%
Resolution: 0.02% Full Scale

Average K-factors (0.24% U3O8):

NaI 4.75 x 10-6
G1320 1.1 x 10-6



Data Sheet
User Guide

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