Logging Vehicles Ford F250 USA

 Logging Vehicles Ford F250 USA


If you want the convenience and value of a turn-key logging solution, look no further than Mount Sopris Instruments

As the experts in slimline borehole logging systems, we have designed and fabricated dozens of “plug and play” logging trucks, trailers, and skids for customers all over the world.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider letting Mount Sopris professionally outfit your logging truck or vehicle

1.) To get exactly what you need.

The requirements of a logging truck can vary widely based on geography, environmental conditions, type of investigation, and other factors. For this reason, a “cookie cutter” approach to logging trucks simply does not make sense. For this reason, Mount Sopris offers a wide variety of proven designs to choose from, all of which can be further customized for your application.

Wireline logging hitch boom

Wireline logging hitch boom

Mount Sopris installs logging systems into trailers, pickup trucks, sport utilities, box trucks, and even skids for helicopter placement. From heavy duty, turret-mounted booms to one that fits into a standard vehicle hitch receiver, Mount Sopris offers a variety of logging boom options. Moreover, if necessary, these designs can be adjusted for your preferred vehicle and specific application.

Helicopter logging skid for heavy winch logging system

No worries for customers outside North America. Mount Sopris has outfitted vehicles to meet the unique requirements of different countries. Where it makes sense, we can often outfit vehicles in-country by utilizing the capabilities and local contacts of our international sales reps.

2.) Appreciate the simplicity of the process and enjoy peace of mind.

Have you ever noticed that, despite the time-saving technologies available today, there never seems to be enough time in the day? Why not remain focused on your business and allow us to do what we do best?

Logging Vehicles - Toyota FJ, Algeria

Logging Vehicles – Toyota FJ, Algeria

Our staff of geoscientists and engineers will work with you to understand how you will be using the vehicle, and what your specific applications and requirements will be. Based on this information, we will propose some options with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Based on your direction, we will prepare a 3D CAD rendering of the vehicle for your approval.


We will “sweat the details” for you and put our years of experience to work, creating a borehole logging solution that will be versatile, easy to use, reliable, comfortable, and safe.

Logging Vehicles - Truck Rendering

Logging Vehicles – Truck Rendering

3.) Purchasing a complete logging vehicle is cost-effective.

Unless you have a proven design, hands-on experience, and fabrication equipment to put a logging truck together, it will likely cost you more in time and money to do it yourself. With years of experience, the right equipment, and efficient processes, Mount Sopris can cost-effectively turn your ideas into a downhole logging vehicle that will get the job done.

Searles Valley Borehole Logging Vehicle

We have the expertise, resources, and experience to not only integrate the logging equipment into the truck, but we are capable of handling machining, power generation, electrical wiring, welding, coatings, mechanical assembly, and other operations. The result will be a turn-key logging solution that will make you money!


Contact us to discuss your wireline logging projects!


Mount Sopris’ outfitting services include custom design, boom fabrication, and installation of all logging equipment. An onboard electrical power system is also provided, as well as internal/external lighting, probe storage, desk, chair, cabinets, and other useful accessories. Re-spooling winches is a popular service when refurbishing logging trucks.


To accommodate the most challenging logging environments, everything is designed for maximum productivity, versatility, and toughness, while also ensuring operator comfort and safety. For examples of our work, please see the Custom Logging Vehicles page of our website, as well as the Searles Valley Custom Logging Vehicle post in the News & Events section.

Edwards Aquifer Authority Logging Groundwater Truck

Edwards Aquifer Authority Custom Logging Groundwater Truck

So, if you need a logging truck or your old one needs an upgrade, look to Mount Sopris to provide you with a quality, custom solution that will meet your specific needs – while sparing yourself some hassles and money.

Contact us to discuss your application!

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