Sacramento Borehole Logging Groundwater Drilling Geophysics

Come see David Huffington and Marcus Donaldson from Mount Sopris and Qteq at the 2nd Annual Western Groundwater Summit September 17-19, 2019 in Sacramento, California!

Drop by and see how borehole geophysics and Borehole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (BMR) logging can help identify productive zones and quantify aquifer parameters. As seen in the recent FastTimes, nuclear magnetic resonance provides total porosity measurements at every depth in a well, without the need of radioactive sources. Additionally, since magnetic resonance is sensitive to pore environment, the measurement provides specific yield and retention parameters, and gives estimates of hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity. It can also be used in conjunction with resistivity logs to determine in-situ salinity.

California Western Groundwater Congress 2019

Mount Sopris has worked with Qteq to offer BMR measurements in boreholes as small as 3 inch and as large as 12 inch diameters. Our clients have used BMR to measure aquifer characteristics in the arid American West and throughout the world.

Let us tell you all about it at the Western Groundwater Congress in Sacramento in September.

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