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WellCAD Upgrade from Image module to ISI workspace

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WellCAD Upgrade from Image module to Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace

The Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace is a new add-on module for WellCAD(TM) incorporating and extending the functionality of the old Image module. ISI is a single, build-for purpose workspace combining structure picking, classification, correction and interpretation into a single workflow.

The Image & Structure Interpretation (ISI) Workspace combines manual and automated structure picking tools, sophisticated data visualization and a logical workflow into a powerful, build for purpose processing and interpretation platform.
A sophisticated auto picking algorithm developed by The Center for Exploration Targeting at The University of Western Australia* assists in picking structures.

Any number of planar features can be interactively or automatically picked recording azimuth, dip and aperture. Each pick can be described and categorized using customizable attribute classes (ToadCAD). Picks can be displayed as sinusoid, tadpole or stick plot. Picking of linear features (e.g. breakouts, tensile fractures) or tracing features with a free hand tool is also possible.

Dips Workspace

A fully interactive dips workspace with polar, rose and vector plots and the Polar & Rose log for the graphical report complete the data interpretation workflow.

Data Import

Borehole image data from a variety of tools including acoustic televiewer, optical televiewer, corescanned images, FMI, FMS, CAST, CBIL, UBI, STAR and Sondex MIT are supported.

Data Processing

Before any form of analysis is performed, the data needs to be processed. This involves the creation of a reliable high quality image from raw tool measurements. A number of processing options are available for enhancing the quality of the data.

These include:

  • Bad trace interpolation
  • Image normalisation
  • Despiking filters
  • Centralize image
  • Adjust brightness and contrast (for RGB logs)

Data Presentation

Data can be displayed in the graphical report as an image (user definable color palette), as curves (shifted or stacked) or as 3D cylinder display (virtual core). Data can be analyzed in 3D using the integrated 3D borehole view (ideal to visualize breakouts, well deformation, pipe corrosion). Data can be oriented to North or Highside, or rotated by a user defined input (magnetic North to true North correction).

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