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Digital Camera Centralizer kit, 43mm

In stock
Product Details

Centralizer kit 43mm ID for MSICAM360 for boreholes 80 - 600mm (3.1 - 24 in.)

Includes 2 ring-collars (43 mm tool housing) with 36 rods. The rods contain 12 each of 20 inches, 25 inches, and 30 inches in length. This is for one set. Includes tools shown in picture. Two full sets recommended.

Parts Included:

  • 02000-1651, Qty 2, Centralizer Collars 43mm
  • 2CNA-1194, Qty 12, Centralizer Rods, 25 inches
  • 2CNA-1190, Qty 12, Centralizer Rods, 20 inches
  • 2CNA-1195, Qty 12, Centralizer Rods, 30 inches
  • 28-178-105, Qty 4, Washer, Flat M6, 18-8 SS
  • 28-177-017, Qty 2, Nut, Lock M6 x 1, 18-8 SS
  • 28-175-545, Qty 2, Screw, HEX HD M6-1 x 40, Brass
  • 54-203-237, Qty 2, Nut Driver, 10 mm
  • 70-401-000, Qty 1, Electrical Tape, 3/4 in. x 60 ft 7 mil., black

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