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Searles Valley Custom Logging Vehicle

Searles Valley Borehole Logging Vehicle

Mount Sopris Instruments has designed and fabricated dozens of custom logging vehicles for customers all over the world.  Recently Mount Sopris was contacted by long time customer, Searles Valley Minerals, to build their latest turn-key logging vehicle.  Searles Valley Minerals is a solution mining company that processes brine solutions to produce boric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, several specialty forms of borax, and salt.  The corrosive field conditions and the mine safety requirements made this a very unique build.


The Mount Sopris Instruments design team was led by product design engineer, Jody DuMond.  Jody and his team outfitted a Ford F-350 Transit Van into a state-of-the-art logging vehicle with features that included:


Every vehicle that Mount Sopris Instruments builds is a custom design that is focused on the customer requirements.  These requirements can include anything from off road capabilities to customer specified vehicles.  The logging vehicle for Searles Valley Minerals was designed to withstand the harsh logging conditions encountered in the field and the strict safety regulations required by the mine.

Following the design of the vehicle, an onsite training was conducted by Jim Lococo and Taylor Weber.  The 2-day training included an overview of the features and functions of the vehicle, logging operations, and data processing techniques. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us to ask for a logging vehicle quotation for your next project.

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