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South African Geophysical Association SAGA 2022 coming soon!

Sun City South Africa SAGA Meeting 2022

South African Geophysical Association’s 17th Biennial Conference & Exhibition


November 28 – December 1, 2022 | Sun City, South Africa


Mount Sopris is excited to participate in the SAGA 2022 Conference and Exhibition. The host of the conference, the South African Geophysical Association (SAGA), was founded in 1977 to foster and encourage the development of Geophysics in South Africa and has since grown to over 350 members worldwide. Through the theme of “Reconnect. Reimagine.”, this year’s conference hopes to connect geoscientists, young professionals, decision makers, and technical experts across the industry and encourage the sharing of emerging technologies and research discoveries.

Mount Sopris and ALT will be exhibiting in The Kings Ballroom at Booth 26. Hanna Flamme, Timo Korth, and Micha Horswill will all be in attendance. Together, Mount Sopris and ALT offer a comprehensive suite of slim-line borehole geophysical instrumentation and software. Stop by our booth to get information on our products and a demonstration of ALT’s new release of WellCAD 5.6!

Also, sign up for our WellCAD Workshop on November 28 taught by Timo Korth to learn more about our borehole imaging tools and WellCAD!

The workshop will provide an overview of common borehole imaging tools as well as workflows for correctly processing and interpreting borehole image data. It is a day long in-person only course from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm SAST.



Stop by our Booth 26 for the latest and greatest slim-line borehole geophysics equipment and software!
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