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RS-330 Series Portable Gamma Ray Spectrometer

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RS-330 Series Portable Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

Accurate interpretation of complex surface and subsurface environments can benefit from using a suite of instruments that measure different physical and chemical parameters of the earth. The RS-330 portable gamma ray spectrometer is a practical cost effective instrument that provides complementary data to the current main analytical methods. The RS-330’s ease of operation and advanced technical features allow for rapid measurements and aid the user’s understanding of the depositional environment. Field operators, technicians, geoscientists and engineers will find RSI’s spectrometer applicable to a range of environments and projects at different stages of evaluation.


The RS-330 portable gamma ray spectrometer is a new addition and advancement in RSI’s lightweight field spectrometers providing high sensitivity for geophysical, environmental and engineering applications. Special features and options ensure users quality results in the field. Options are available to change parameters for borehole or collimated setups. Advanced users are able to define and input their own measurement method. For operation in areas of unknown or concerning levels of radiation, the RS-330 has several alarms that can be set to a specific level of radiation. In addition to K, U, and Th, users are able to record other radionuclides including Cs, Am and Ba.

As a portable tool it affords rapid turnaround for onsite sample analysis. In field projects that use multidisciplinary instrumentation, the RS-330 provides nondestructive measurements that can be easily scheduled into and around other lengthy and expensive operations.

Radiation Solutions Inc. 

Radiation Solutions Inc. (RSI) is specialized in nuclear instrumentation for the detection, measurement and analysis of low-level ionizing radiation from both naturally occurring and man made sources. RSI’s cutting edge radiation detection technology incorporates a fully digital system design, spectral analysis and advanced data processing. RSI deploys this technology in fixed installed, airborne and mobile systems, portable and handheld spectrometers providing a level of quality previously only attainable in laboratory equipment. RSI is committed to working as closely as possible with customers in all aspects of the product life cycle including product requirement, application, training, support and product enhancement. Our comprehensive approach results in hardware components and industry leading software techniques that produce outstanding results above expectations.


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