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Mount Sopris Repair Form
* Indicates required field. For the fastest service, please provide as much information as possible.

Company Information

Returned Tool Details

Problem Identification

Acquistion System

Logging Conditions


Billing Information

Repair Service Charges:

  • To reduce turn-around time and cost, repair estimates are not normally provided. If you require a repair estimate, please indicate in comments section below.
  • Labor Rate for non-warranty repairs: $115/hour
  • Replacement Parts: As Required
  • Customs Clearance Fees (International Only): As Required
  • Return Shipping Charges (if applicable): As Required
  • Customer equipment not paid for within 30 days following the completion of repair, will be subject to a 5% monthly charge to cover carrying costs. After 12 months, Mount Sopris has the right to dispose of the equipment.

Warranty Repairs:

  • Warranties on equipment only apply to purchases from Mount Sopris Instruments within one year of repair date.
  • All repairs on existing tools have a six month warranty.
  • PM Tubes, Gamma Crystals, and any general damage caused by customer error are not covered under Warranty repair.

Return Shipping Information (after repair)


  1. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges to Mount Sopris Instruments, COD shipments are not permitted and will delay repair of equipment.
  2. Any packaging that is not sufficient for return shipping will be discarded, including all plastic tubes for probes and worn out boxes.
  3. New packaging will be made available at customer’s expense.


  1. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges to Mount Sopris Instruments, COD shipments are not permitted and will delay repair of equipment.
  2. CPT shipments are allowed to Denver International Airport. Mount Sopris Instruments can then clear and deliver goods to our facility. All customs clearance and final delivery charges will be charged back to customer. Door to door shipments (DDP) are suggested. You may contact for any assistance or questions.
  3. The following documents are needed for all International return shipments to the U.S.A.
    • Commercial Invoice (needs to contain the following information)
      • Description of goods – include part number of product and serial number if available.
      • Country of Origin: (U.S.A.)
      • (HTS) Harmonized Code (include the following on the commercial invoice): 9801.00.1012 – “U.S. Goods Returned for Repair”
      • RMA Number: if available
      • Value of Goods
      • Signature
    • Packing List (needs exact weights and dimensions of each package returned)
    • Waybill (the nominated carrier of your choice will provide this document upon setting up the shipment)

NOTE: Please check with your local customs authority before sending equipment to the U.S. Every customs authority has different procedures and documentation requirements. Some countries require that goods returning to the U.S. be registered prior to shipping.

After the above documents are completed, please scan and email to the below email address and MSI contact.

If above documents are not received, customs clearance and the repair process will be delayed. Mount Sopris Instruments is not responsible for any customs clearance delays due to non-receipt or inaccurate documents.

Customer Bill-To Address

Customer Return Ship-To Address

Shipping Account

MSI will pre-pay ship costs and add to invoice

Return equipment to the following address

Mount Sopris Instruments
4975 East 41st Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80216
United States of America
Telephone: +1-303-279-3211

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